Brunching in Willoughby!

Last weekend I was invited to be the guest speaker at a Young Adults “Brunch and Build” Gathering for South Euclid United Church of Christ. Not only did I have a wonderful morning with this this dynamic group of individuals, but the location was absolutely fabulous!

It’s funny because I mentioned in a previous article See What’s Brewing in Willoughby, that after going to Brim (which I loved) that there were so many places I wanted to go back to visit and had yet to do so. Thanks to this event, I was invited to try yet another place located in Willoughby!

I put the address in my GPS, and it took me all of 20 minutes to get there from the east side. I assumed it would be off of the main street but was surprised I turned onto a side street, and into a large parking lot. I could see the sign for the restaurant directly in front of me and then on the left side of the parking lot a huge Brewery that made me say yet again… I have to come back and go there!

From the time that I walked in, I thought this is a really cool space. I walked out and back in to take pictures! I thought it was literally the cutest little place. I arrived at 11am so it was actually still very early, and not that busy. There was an empty bar to the left and it was surrounded by garage door windows. Sidebar, I love those especially when the weather is nice, and they are open. These were closed, but it made the space so bright and open! To the right of that was a large space where someone was having a baby shower. The space was also open but still private. There were tables, couches, a fireplace and a nice TV hanging from the wall.

I ending up walking out of a door, down a little walking strip until I arrived on the patio. I was smiling like, OMG when can I come back with my friends! The was a long table where someone was having a baby reveal immediately on the left, and then a few small parties scattered. The patio was rather large and each table had an umbrella! That’s important to me because I hate to be seated on a patio and then the only tables available are the ones without umbrellas and the sun is beaming. The tables were also nicely spread out, sometimes you find a small patio and the tables are so close together you feel like everyone can hear your conversation, but not here! Did I mention the view? Nothing but trees, so it was nice airy scene of nature to enjoy. Oh, and although the sun was out, you could see the patio lights hanging so I know it’s probably super cute at night as well!

On the far right side of the patio was a LARGE fire pit area! Like seriously, this is perfect when your done eating your meal, not ready to leave but want to just hangout and enjoy drinks! It was a covered pit, surrounded by a few benches and side tables. I could literally see myself in the future on a date with my hubby or laughing hysterically loud with friends. I walked through this area and back inside the restaurant to the front.

The restaurant was so clean and modern. They also had the cool exposed pipes and open kitchen so you can see the chefs as they’re cooking. As you walk past the cooking station there’s a super long bar on the opposite side. If you follow the little path between the open kitchen and the bar you will end up in another private space, which where my event was being held.

It was another large space, fitting for a party of 100 at minimum, and on regular nights I’m sure it’s just additional seating. The room was lined in “u” shaped booths, which alternate from a velvet purple covering and then a green that matched the walls. In the middle there were a few king’s tables that nicely filled the space. There was a private bar and a long counter were the food was served buffet style, and where you could also see into the kitchen. The walls were covered in exposed brick and ceiling was partially lined in exposed aluminum. The space was perfect for me to speak and to engage the attendees in a short interactive activity. They have house music playing throughout the restaurant, so the only request from me was to have that turned off in our room while I spoke. This was done without issue.

I know I’ve talked about how much I loved the space, but I have to mention that the buffet spread was great! My favorite was the waffles (which I had alone although it was served with chicken) and the Avocado and egg enchiladas. I also enjoyed a little fruit which was very fresh. The overall presentation/food display was nice. I did not drink any alcohol, but ladies, I did notice $20 bottomless MIMOSAS on the menu!!!!!

I think I gave this place a rave review! For the 2 hours I spent there, I was definitely eager to go back, possibly even plan something here. The staff was pleasant and the service was great. I would most certainly recommend this for anything, private events, family brunch or dinner, date night or just to hang with friends. It’s not common people just randomly go to Willoughby, so if you want to try something NEW, take a short drive to SOL in Willoughby and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland.

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