My Favorite Salmon and Cous Cous!

Last week I had a fabulous lunch at a place I love! My friend Catheryn and I agreed to do a late 1pm lunch somewhere within walking distance to our offices downtown. We actually work in the same building so we met in the lobby and enjoyed a short walk through East 4th. It was beautiful outside so the walk was very enjoyable.

We came to the end of East 4th and arrived at our destination. The patio where I’ve sat a few times for lunches was set with tables and umbrellas,  but empty. We opted to sit inside at a booth across from the bar. The place was quiet and practically empty. I was happy, it seemed we beat the lunch rush. I like coming here because it’s so clean and open. The restaurant is surrounded with large floor to celling windows, so you can see East 4th if you’re seated in the backroom or you can “people watch” onto Prospect if you’re sitting where we are, across from the bar.

I’ll be honest, I usually hate booths. I don’t like being stuck inside when I’m with large groups and for some reason I just find them to be kind of gross (it’s a personal thing). If I have a choice, I’m going to ask for a table. I just always worry about what’s in them. I feel that way when I everywhere but HERE! I actually love their booths. They are so spacious, and so clean! You won’t find crumbs or holes in the seat. It’s also a great place to see the TV if there’s a game on.

Within minutes of being there we were greeted by our server. I always get the same thing Salmon Peperonata, Cous Cous and Sundried Tomatoes however this time I wasted a good ten minutes pretending to try something new. I went back and fourth between the 4 Cheese Panini with Truffle Oil and the Chinato Burger, both with sounded amazing, but didn’t make the final cut. My friend Cat, ordered the Cauliflower, Asparagus, Caribe Peppers and Truffle Oil Pizza.

We were both very pleased with our meals and they came out within 20 minutes of us placing our order. While we waited, we enjoyed bread and oil as we had a much needed girls chat. In this moment I realized sometimes you have to step away from work, totally disconnect and have a good time with a good friend. I needed her this day, work was a little rough, and I was extremely busy. This gave me the opportunity to eat away from my desk, and enjoy an adult conversation with a friend who understands being a wife and mom. We uplift each other and we support each other, and sometimes ladies we just need a that time!

At one point I walked away to go to the restroom which is located downstairs, and I was reminded that they have private space! I’m always looking for cool new venues for small gatherings, or dinner parties. This one is spacious, secluded and comes with its own bar! I know I’ve recommended this places catering menu in the past for NBA Finals to ESPN and they were great, so I’m assuming the offerings for a private event would be the same.

It’s just a great experience an din a great location. The food is also very reasonably priced for lunch and slightly higher (although not ridiculous) for dinner. My meal is $16 during lunch and $24 during dinner. I spent a little over $20 (only had water to drink) for my entire meal and tip. As you know, I try to spend around $10 for lunch when I’m eating out frequently. In this case, it was worth it and I didn’t eat out everyday– to me lol it’s always about the balance.

Ahhh I will mention, parking may be an issue. There are lots in the area and valet options, but on a busy night or weekend. Just factor that into your planning! Also, the hours here are GREAT! During the week they open from 11am-10pm Monday through Wednesday, 11am-12pm Thursday and Friday, and 11am-12am on Saturday. It’s a great place to stop if you want a meal before a game, or just want to be where all the action is on a nice weekend in Cleveland.  So if you’re ever looking for a good meal in the heart of downtown, I suggest you visit Ristorante Chinato’s and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland.

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