When You’re Sick… You Need SOUP!

So if you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been sick since last Thursday. Well, almost a week later and I’m still under the weather. Today was my first day back to work and the only thing I could imagine for lunch was soup.

Back in the day (a few years ago) there was a ZOUP directly across from my office, which I loved! I’d go at least once a week but it’s been gone for quite sometime. Since it’s departure the only place I’ve gone for soup is Heinens. Today I didn’t feel like walking that far and I wanted to try something new.

It just so happens that last week, I ran into someone I love to see, Marlene Philiips! She is the Executive Assistant to someone I truly admire Albert Ratner. They are honestly two of the sweetest people you will ever meet, pure hearts of gold! Anywho- after running into each other, Marlene spent sometime on my blog and sent over a few places for me to consider visiting. This place in particular was where she said she found her favorite comfort food!

I knew it was located in Tower City but I wasn’t sure where. My journey begin in the food court but it wasn’t there, I googled it again and realized from a picture on yelp, it was actually it’s own store. Lo and Behold, it was in the old Panera Bread. I walk in and was busy. A few people sitting down, but mostly take out orders. I was worried, I had so many questions I didn’t want to stop the flow of the line. I pranced over the hanging menu, so many soup options, I didn’t know which to try. I politely asked if I can try a few samples and the cashier (who was friendly as ever)  said yes. Two people in line start talking to me. One says try them all (which I refused to do lol) and another says you will love the wild rice soup, which another passer byer agreed. I asked for a sample and I was very happy.

I also tried the chicken noodle soup and another. Both great but the chicken wild rice had won my heart. I went back to the cashier and ordered a bowl. Convinced that wouldn’t be enough, I did as others before me had, and ordered a salad to go with my soup. I did the regular size caeasr salad. While waiting I ran into someone I interned with many years ago at ESPN Cleveland. She told me she comes here all the time and loves the food. Within a few minutes my order was up at the soup station, then a few seconds my salad was ready at a different pick up counter. At first I was confused, but I soon understood soups were handled by one person, and then sandwiches and salads by a few people close by.

The place was very spacious. There were tons of booths, tables and high-top tables all available to sit down and eat. I opted to go back to my office instead, but told myself I’d definitely come back and bring a book. It was one of those types of places, where you could come sit and get away from everyone and actually enjoy your meal without interruptions. I never liked to eat alone, but the older I get the more I find it rather refreshing.

The food was great! I was also informed that the soup was not only homemade but made fresh every day. I only spent $9.99 total! So a penny under my allotted $10 lunch. It was literally just what I needed to get through the day. Upon leaving I grabbed a menu and found out they are open for breakfast and do catering for large parties. This place, like many downtown has business hours. They are open from 9am -5pm Monday through Friday, and Saturdays they are open from 11am to 5pm. So if you are ever walking through Tower City or downtown looking for a good soup… head over to Susy’s Soups and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland

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  • So this is me at work yesterday just fine at #22weekspregnant lol. I received a few messages for which I greatly appreciate the concern, but people work while pregnant all the time. I actually really enjoy working and as many of you know,  it’s hard for me to sit still. I started  freelancing for ESPN/ABC in 2007 so I’ve actually worked for them every pregnancy that I’ve had with all 3 of my boys sooo... during Monday Night Football, College Football/Basketball, NBA games, NBA finals and more. Walking is healthy lol and i do a lot of that on game days. My body will certainly tell me when it’s time to scale back but I’m pretty sure I have a few months in me. Besides that, I have the best work family ever and they go above and beyond to make sure that I’m fine! Tired at times... but good! #LetMeLive #LetMeWorkLOL #WeAreFeelingGreat #WorkingWhilePregnant
  • Who would’ve thought two neighbors in 5th grade, crazy about ropes of thunder would grow up to marry cousins! I’m so happy to have you in my life as a sister/cousin/friend always a call or text away. Here’s to pushing each other to our full potential, reminding each other that self care is first, being great moms, God-fearing, learning wives (LOL) and always being a shoulder to lean on— I just love you @mrs_dboyd 😘  #NewYear #NewSalaries #NewGoals #NewGrowth #bo16thbirthday #BlackGirlMagic #WCW
  • So while my family enjoys dinner out for Little Bryon’s Birthday, I’m home with #BryceCameron and his friends Mickey, Donald and Goofy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over and over again 😂 #MomLife #StillSick #INeedToSleepTrainAgain #ThisIsTheOnlyWayHeWillSitStill #DaddyNeedsToGetHome
  • Happy 16th Birthday to our oldest child @1bryon_ !!!! Being a #blendedfamily has worked so well for us, I’m so thankful your mom allowed me to have such a presence in your life! You’ve made my job sooooo easy and I truly love you like my own. It’s been such a pleasure watching you grow up over the years and  I’m excited for all that’s in store for your future. Thanks for being the best big brother to Pauly and finding the patience to play with Bryce- I know you’ll be great to your sister as well. You are an awesome son and I’m so blessed to be your bonus mom! I’m hoping to get better just in time for your party lol #HappyBirthdaySon
  • And at #5monthspregnant turns out baby girl and I are sick with pneumonia not strep throat. I was super scared when I talked to the doctor and I regret not asking more questions (FYI- ALWAYS ask questions). I’ll be calling back tomorrow for sure, but in the meantime we are home resting, taking our meds and  focused on getting better. It’s so hard for me to rest but I’m definitely doing it! Baby girl is moving so it’s bringing me much comfort as I lay here confined to the couch and bed urghhh #IHateBeingSick
  • “I’m just a mom with full hands and a full heart. I’m doing my best and giving my kids my all and my only hope is that every day they know that they are the greatest things that ever happen to me” #MCM #MyBoys #MomLife #WhereWereBrycesNavySocks #WhyIsHeMakingThatFace #SuggestionsOnProductsForHisHair #Blessed #FamilyPictures  #DaughterComingSoon #FamilyFirst

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