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Courtney Covers Cleveland Early Screening of Bad Boys 3

January 16 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Bad boys, bad boys

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do

When they come for you…

Who else is excited Mike Lowrey and Marcus are back on the big screen?


Well this is the moment my husband and I have been waiting for! Join me #CourtneyCoversCleveland January 16th at 7pm for the Advanced Screening of Bad Boys 3. I’m hosting a private viewing for this highly anticipated film movie that so many of us are waiting to see. If you’ve ever been to a Courtney Covers Cleveland event, you know it will be a little bit more than just a movie.

Tickets will be on sale January 3, 2020 ! As always there is limited seating so act fast! Once the event is sold out, no more seats will be added. PURCHASE YOUR TICKET NOW!

Not only will there be discounts at the concession stands, but all attendees to come to Shaker Square a little early and enjoy the $6 Happy Hour menu at my favorite Asian Bistro SASA , located to the left of the movie theatre. If that doesn’t interest you, enjoy live music and $3.50 margaritas during Happy Hour at Senor Tequila Mexican Grill, which is located to the right of the theatre.

Make this night an entire experience at Shaker Square… make it a date night or grab your friends/family… whatever you do just don’t miss out!

Purchase your tickets, then rewatch Bad Boys 1 and Bad Boys 2 so you’re ready for Bad Boys 3!



Atlas Shaker Square
13116 Shaker Square
Cleveland, OH 44120 United States


  • When life gets crazy who or what hold you accountable?

For me, especially during this pandemic, I’m thankful to have @profile_sanford to keep me on plan and on track when it comes to my health. .

One of my favorite @profile_sanford items is this journey book. It allows me to track what I eat and what I hope to accomplish every week. It also helps with habits, physical activity, grocery shopping, label reading and more!

To learn more about this awesome program and to use my $100 coupon click the link in my bio! #ProfileProud
  • Overwhelmed.
Mentally Drained. 
Not Okay.

All because I’m (unapologetically) BLACK! A black woman with a black husband, black children, black parents, black brothers, black uncles, black cousins, and black friends. We are ALL facing the sad reality that COLOR determines treatment- decides life or death, and creates social and economic divides. How is it possible that it’s the year 2020? How is it possible that we still have so much work to do to achieve equality? How is it possible that we are dying over and over and over and over and over again at the hands of the police? .

Its too much to take in, its too much to process, its too much trauma to see! We just have to come together as a community to uplift each other. BLACK people are strong and resilient we will get through this some way somehow! Just know BLACK men and women you are loved, and your lives are valued! #BlackLivesMatter
  • What’s one dream you have for your child’s future? 
One dream that I have for ALL of my children is for them to value education and never have student loans or college debt. .

That’s why today, May 29, I’m joining the  college savings industry in celebrating 529 Day. 529 Day is a day to spread the word about the importance of saving the tax-advantaged way for your child’s higher education. For almost 30 years, Ohio’s 529 Plan, CollegeAdvantage, has helped families across the nation save for whatever school comes after high school. .

Ohio’s 529 Plan is the tax-free way to help pay for college nationwide. Yes that’s right,  529 plans can be used across the United States at any accredited post-secondary school that accepts federal financial aid, which includes two-year, four-year, and graduate programs, as well as vocational or trade schools. .
If you’re not sure how much to save for future higher education expenses or just want to crunch some numbers, CollegeAdvantage has the tools and calculators for you. The college savings planner can help set your savings goals. .
It’s never too early to start saving for your child’s higher education. Click the link in my bio to find out all of the tax benefits of saving in Ohio’s 529 Plan and more! #Sponsored
  • How I spent my morning... by his side, where I will always be.

Four weeks ago, while casually walking around the house shirtless- I noticed a large mass under Paulys arm. It looked like a ball sticking out of his side and freaked me outttt.  Within an hour we were at the doctors office.

Two weeks later we were on a zoom with the pediatric surgeon and a week after that we were in office for a cat scan. Pretty sure he knew what the mass was, we scheduled a date to have it removed.

Today was that day. I’ve been praying nonstop during this entire process. Trying to be a strong mom for a understandably scared kid... but that’s hard when you’re worried about your baby. The idea of my kid going under anesthesia alone had me ready to crumble. i didn’t care about it being a minor or major surgery, I just wanted him to be okay.

I’m so thankful that God heard my prayers and answered them. He guided the doctors hands and covered my baby and his surgery was successful. Thankful for all of my friends and family for their love and constant support I needed them today and they showed up as always. .

Parents, read the lessons I learned about this experience on my IG stories. The biggest one being to check your kid’s bodies no matter how old they are!
  • What’s one thing that that makes you proud of yourself? Seriously, think about it and challenge yourself to answer it! .
@msrachelhollis helped me recognize I was doing too much at once. My expectations were actually unrealistic and that’s just real. I was trying to wake up hours earlier, workout daily, drink a gallon of water, change my diet drastically, rebrand CCC - be a better wife, mom, chef, teacher and entrepreneur all during quarantine 😩 WHEW who was I kidding. .
Now my simple commitment is to ME and that just means staying healthy during quarantine! Mentally and physically but this post is about the physical. I’m eating better (cheating when I want) and working out consistently. Notice I stopped saying losing weight because lol the scale became my enemy. In spite of these last few pounds not dropping as quickly as I wished, I’ve kept going since March and that makes me proud! .
Do I drink my full gallon of water? most days yes but always....no! Do I start my day running or working out? most days yes! however... I’ve learned to set more achievable goals. For instance I commit to at least 10 miles a week and try to kill it. I fill my gallon of water daily- and commit to drinking half by afternoon. Creating new habits takes time and I’m proud to be on the right path. .
For me running and walking is therapeutic. It brings me peace helps me relax, reset and take in the beauty of everything around me. It also allows me to take care of my mind and body- and look better in my clothing. .
My goal this month was 35 miles- and as of today I’ve run 44 miles! Completing two @nikerunning challenges this month with 12 days left! That makes me proud - let’s always remember to celebrate the small victories, they keep us going.
  • #MondayMotivation: What book changed the game for you (Personally or professionally)?
For me it was this one right here “Girl Stop Apologizing” by @msrachelhollis I shared how much I loved it with the Brunch Book Club and how it’s definitely a must read for any woman trying to grow! She literally read me the entire book, like every single page I couldn’t believe she was talking to meeeeeeee! I cried when I read the “I don’t have time” And that was like chapter 3... lol but that says a lot! I was glued to the book. There were so many growing points- I laughed often and nearly highlighted the entire book with takeaways! .
This book helped me refocus my goals! It reinforced the importance of saying no,  being confident and persistent. It reminded me balancing life as a wife, mom and entrepreneur- is not easy but manageable when you properly plan and schedule your time. It reminded me to not compare my toddler stage with someone’s adult stage which was an awesome analogy! It was just the perfect book for the this stage of life that I’m in, there are just so many gems! @msrachelhollis is amazing follow her if you want to be inspired! .
During #quarantine I’ve read both of her books “Girl Wash Your Face” and this one, I also read “My Sister The Serial Killer” by Oyinkan Braithwaite. Of course I have to mention “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng which is a great read and sooo much better than the show.  I’m now reading via audiobook “More Than Enough” by Elaine Welteroth and love it! .
I love reading and I’m glad I’ve had this time to do that! Drop some of your favorite booked below.

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