Here’s your chance to attend a special advance screening of the new thriller, DON’T LET GO on Monday, August 26 at 7:30pm at Cinemark Valley View 24. Be among the first in Cleveland to see this new movie before it opens in theaters on August 30. In DON’T LET GO, detective Jack Radcliff (David Oyelowo) gets a shocking phone call from his recently-murdered niece Ashley (Storm Reid). Working together across…

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Cool People In CLE: Ray Jr.

I’m excited to announce that #CourtneyCoversCleveland has launched a new and improved Cool People in CLE as a video series! Check out my first interview with Cleveland’s own Ray. Jr.…

Courtney Covers Cleveland: TWO NEW EVENTS!

August 28th the monthly meet up will be a private Dinner Party on A Patio at a place I recently discovered that I fell in love with! It’s absolutely beautiful,…

Our Murder Mystery Train Ride Date!

I receive a lot of comments/DM’s after most post, but I’m pretty sure after posting my picture on the Murder Mystery Train Ride I received the most inquiries! I’m super…

#MarriedCouplesInCLE: The Great Debate!

The Great Debate was one of the best #MarriedCouplesInCLE ever!!!! The people, the place, and the REAL conversation made it such an amazing event to plan and be apart. If…


  • Stop telling me there’s nothing to do in #Cleveland and try something new! That’s exactly why I started #courtneycoverscleveland we have to get out of our comfort zone and try something new! Thank you @yachtparty216 for taking us out on the water! The last time I was on your boat was 2014 and I was asking my bridesmaids to be in my wedding!
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  • 7:30am Checking in for Week 3 of the #NuLife28DayChallenge @nulifefitnesscamp after 4 workouts, a week eating a balanced diet including lots of veggies and fish (and a slice of pizza) - a few glasses of wine and a visit from Mother Nature... I didn’t lose or gain any weight and I feel great! Someone asked me who I was trying to impress and my response was ME! This challenge, my surgery, my commitment to being fit and healthy isn’t for anyone else- it’s all for me! .
Fun fact @mieshanulife gifted me these shorts at my bridal shower in 2014! They came with a matching tank and a note that said wear this during the day so you can wear this at night, and then there was a second gift lol. It was a gift with meaning that I’d never forget - so glad i can fit them again!
  • Last nights @tsopcle event Building Black Politcal Power Through Giving Black was nothing short of amazing! As someone who considers themselves informed and involved in the community, I was absolutely shocked by how much I did not know about politics! The amount of information I learned was unbelievable and the statistics shocking! Thank you @collectivepac @qjames007 @stefbrownjames for all the work you are doing! I wish I knew all this information sooner. We have to teach our kids how the political system works. “POWER is the ability to change the rules”- @qjames007 .
Whatever percentage we make up in this country should be the same percentage reflected in leadership, and unfortunately that’s not case! Like @dollarsandsensewithd @clevelandvotes  I am eager to educate our community. We need more representation in politics, we need more people of color TRAINED to run for office, we need to share there are easy ways to help candidates fundraise! We have to do better, we have to make it clear black leadership matters.
#courtneycoverscleveland May run for office one day!
  • Super excited to be attending @gcpartnership Commission on Economic Inclusion “Amplify Inclusion: Your Brand Talks. The World Listens.” Conference today! .
#courtneycoverscleveland is proud to be here as a partner organization and I look forward to sharing everything great about this event on the blog! Swipe to see some of the amazing speakers I will learn from today! .
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  • Came back to Little Italy to enjoy dinner on one of my favorite patios in CLE- it’s also one of my favorite places to eat on a Wednesday! Why? Because they have a 2 for $44 deal! An appetizer, 2 entrees and a bottle of wine. .
Head over to #courtneycoverscleveland and search Wednesday Special to find out where we I am! #thisiscle #clevelandbloggers #clevelandohio #cle #thisiscle #clevescene #cle #cleveland
  • Join #courtneycoverscleveland for A Dinner Party on The Patio August 28th at 7pm!
I found a new place which just so happens to be called one of Cleveland’s hottest restaurants and I want to experience it with my followers before the summer ends! Let’s try something new together! .
Email to secure your spot! Only a few spots left! 
Private tables for groups of 5 or more!

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