The Air Jordan “Season of Her” Launch Event

So last night I attended a really dope event, quick thanks to my friends Ashley and Ahryn for the invite and for working together to pull off this amazing launch. Once I received my invitation, I immediately sent a text to my bestfriend Allie, asked if she wanted to go and sent in our RSVP.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a sneaker head and I never have been. I may have a collection of like less than 10 pair, half are for workouts or old, and then a few are from my 10 year old son Pauly because we wear the same size. Years ago I could wear little Bryon’s (my now 16 year old) shoes, then he had a growth spurt and passed me so I was forced to transition to wearing Pauly’s shoes who is very clearly about to pass me too. See, my husband and kids are addicted to shoes. They have every shoe you could imagine, every release, every basketball player, I really can’t keep up and at this point I don’t think they can either! This is really why I don’t think it bothers them that I wear/wore their shoes because they wear them a few times and them put them away and then get more. Pauly did embarrass me one basketball game I came into the gym with his Lebron’s on and he screamed mom what are you doing lol, I quickly told him to simmer down his pregnant mom had on boots and needed to change and that was the only shoe in the car. He laughed it off but that’s the only time he’s said anything about sharing with his wonderful mother.  For this reason. I’m sure a few times a year my husband will make sure I have a shoe of my own so I don’t embarrass him and the kids with something old. It’s just not something I usually get for myself. I said all that to say, I thought going to this event would totally make me the “cool mom” LOL seriously!

So I arrived a few minutes before the event started at 7pm and there was already a great crowd. As I stated, the event was coordinated by my close friend Ashley Taylor, CEO of Elmnt13 and Ahryn Tolley of NEXT,  and if you know either of them, then you know it was super cute inside and the branding was impeccable! You literally felt the “Season of Her ” theme from the moment you walked in the door. There was a beautiful hedge wall with the launched Air Jordan shoes in each color. Throughout the store, there were multiple displays, each with a different color of released shoe on top of moss and flowers. There were vanilla frosted donuts with sprinkles infused with vodka, custom flavored ice cream the colors of the various shoes, and cookies that resembled the shoe itself all being passed my employees and served on the Jordan shoe box.  There was also a photo booth with custom props like the #SeasonOfHer sign, and shoe cutouts. There was and open bar with a drink for every color of the shoe that was released for example Ice Peach, Light Aqua Purple Earth. I promise you no detail was missed! I was so proud of my friends!

So the shoe that was being unveiled was the all new Air Jordan 1 Season of Her.  Quoted from the invitation, this shoe is “outfitted in premium leathers and satin fabrics,  in the best pastel colors of the season. The Air Jordan 1 SOH is the newest premium shoe designed with the goddess of the world in mind.” I’ll be honest the shoe was SUPER cute so much so, that I actually contemplated buying it at retail value of $160.00. After meeting a representative from Jordan, Orences Christian (pictured above with myself and owner of NEXT Rob Rosenthal) I was asked how did I feel about the shoe. I expressed how much I liked it and honestly stated due to the colors and material it wasn’t practical for an everyday tennis shoe. Like I told him, for women that have multiple pairs of shoes this is probably not be an issue, but for me (LOL) someone who would try to wear this every weekend to my kids sporting events and grocery shopping, that would be problematic. In the moment, I was like hmmmm I’m a mom of four, with a mortgage, car notes, tuition, sports fees etc, so let me be conscience of how I spend my money. Go figure, I ended up not getting them but did see a lot of women buying the shoe so I was glad people were supporting the brand.

In hindsight, I should’ve purchased the gold pair. After driving home I thought although I might not be able to wear them everyday, the gold and the rose gold color would be fairly neutral. When I think of my needs for shoes, I think the basics, white, black, gray, red.. and then other colors. The shoe that was released also came in purple, aqua, teal, peach, purple, but I could’ve made the gold and rose gold work on a regular basis. I don’t know if I’ll go back to get it, but this morning I did come up with a few outfits in my head. Don’t you hate when that happens?

All in all this was a dope event in Cleveland and I’m glad that I was invited.


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