A Great Meal, with a Nice View, in a Cozy Home!

So there’s this place that I heard so many great things about from so many different people. It’s been on my list of places to try for awhile and I don’t know why but, I never made it there to eat. This week it literally came up in three different conversations. Funny enough, I had a lunch meeting on my schedule and it was suggested to meet at this location. I had high expectations and I was excited to finally give it a try.

Prior to leaving, I mentioned where I was going in my office and everyone stated how much they loved it, and how great the food was. I was told to be careful using the GPS, because it’s inside a little house and if you drive to fast you’re going to miss it. That was good to know because I did use my GPS and I ended up in an ally with houses on both sides. Had I not known that fact, I would’ve thought the GPS was wrong. Lo and behold, I get to the end of the ally, and there it was right on the right side a little house. There was a parking lot to the right of the building but I opted for street parking instead.

As I walked to the front door I immediately started taking pictures. First of all the view is pretty nice! You walk into a house thats been completely transformed. The front of the restaurant has a large bar on the right and king style bench seating on the left. The room is full of natural light because the windows are HUGE and extend the entire length of the wall. From the windows you can see a great view downtown Cleveland. Now, I’ll be honest, it’s not an unobstructed view, you are looking at a parking lot, but beyond the lot is the view. Take a look at the picture above. I knew there was a patio outside, and although it was winter, I could only imagine sitting outside, having a drink and talking to a friend in the summer.

So I walk beyond the bar, and I look for my good friend (someone I would call a mentor) Michael Jeans, President and CEO of Growth Opportunities Partners whom I’m meeting for lunch. Let me take the time to say, everyone needs MENTORS! Someone you can call and discuss your professional career and development, someone who will provide a safe space to talk about work and someone who will be totally open and honest when you ask for advice. I only have a few people I would truly call a mentor but they all fit this criteria. I think it’s good to plan catch up sessions with them every so often and thats exactly what this was. So I say that to say, find a mentor and meet or talk with them quarterly it will help you tremendously! Okay back to the venue…

Micheal is seated at a small table in front of a large window. There aren’t many tables in the space so it feels cozy and private. That’s important because it means we can engage in a conversation and I’m not worried that the people next to us hearing. I loved the natural light. but I also enjoyed that right across from us was the open window to the kitchen. We could literally watch all the meals being placed that were ready to be served. The space is small, but oddly enough the kitchen wasn’t loud or disturbing. I didn’t hear plates clicking or chefs screaming out orders, so it was a pleasant place to be seated. A little further back there was another room with a few other tables.

As I mentioned we went for lunch so, there was a special lunch menu. I was craving a burger but opted for a healthy salmon caesar salad.  Michael ordered the kale salad and suggested we both get the crispy fried shrimp as appetizers. The meal was small but very filling, and the shrimp both jumbo and tasty. I’m sure the appetizer and bread with oil helped as starters. Everything was great and the service was impeccable. It was lunch time but the restaurant wasn’t crazy busy or full. Our server was so attentive, he was super nice and his name is Nate if you visit.

In closing, this was a great place and I will definitely come back! I loved my food, I loved the space and I loved the view from the windows. It’s open not only for lunch but dinner and brunch on the weekends which I’d love to come back for. They also have daily specials and amazing happy hour deals!  I didn’t pick up the tab, so I’m not sure what the final bill was, however the place seemed to be fairly reasonable. If you’re ever in the Tremont area, looking for casual, not too fancy food try Fat Cats and tell them you you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland!

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