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It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Cool People in CLE spotlight and my goal is to bring this back consistently in 2021. I’m starting the year with someone I admire and fully support personally and professionally. This black CLEVELAND woman, left her job and started her own business helping the community with their financials. She has helped MEEEE… when I was embarrassed about my credit situation she literally turned it around for me. Her services work! Not only has she repaired my credit but she also prepares my taxes. She’s funny to follow on social media and great at what she does… without further ado… please meet the credit queen… Irene Day! FYI- check out her services and tell her Courtney Covers Cleveland sent you!

Tell me a little about IRENE DAY

I’m a small business owner born and raised in Cleveland, OH. I’m a Mighty Tarblooder and a first-generation college graduate from Baldwin Wallace University.  In 2017 I quit my job to become a fulltime entrepreneur.  Last year I taught 200 people how to legally and ethically start a credit repair company in their state.   I’m also THEE biggest Beyoncé fan ever (I’ll argue with anybody who thinks otherwise lol).

You were born and raised in Cleveland, what made you stay?

I’ve always loved Cleveland. I travel quite a bit and there’s no place like home. We’ve got a ton of great restaurants, museums and things to do. You just have to get out and see the city.  My great grandfather was a small business owner. He owned the Hanna Lounge and had one of the first liquor licenses issued to an African American in the City of Cleveland. My family roots are deep here. I hate the snow but I’m not going anywhere.

You left your job of 13 years and opened a business in CLEVELAND, what prompted you to do so? what makes your business different?

After I graduated from Baldwin Wallace University, I couldn’t find a better job. I had applied for an internal position with the place I was employed at for 13 years and didn’t even get a call from the internal recruiter.  I also had really bad credit in 2014 when my grandpa passed.  He left me a pretty significant amount of money and I paid off everything single debt that I owed august of that year ($30,000 worth of debt) and my credit score went up 12 points. Since 2014 I had done a tone of research on consumer laws, credit reporting and the legality of the credit repair industry.  I repaired my credit and some friends and family. In early 2017 I officially launched my business and quit my job on my 13th year anniversary to become a fulltime entrepreneur. One of the things that makes my business different is that it is the only minority owned credit repair company legally operating in northeast Ohio.  When I first got into credit trouble and was looking for help, everyone that solicited credit repair services to me were either doing it through a network marketing company or just didn’t seem legit. Hannah Financial is owned by me, bonded and licensed with the Department of Commerce. We also do tax preparation.

What were some important resources in Cleveland that helped you as an entrepreneur?

The library.  Between college and working in management for 7 of the 13 years at my job I have a pretty good sense when it comes to business.  When I really decided to take the leap, I was in the Cuyahoga County Library religiously reading up on starting a business, making a business plan and all things credit related.

What do you love about Cleveland?

I love how it has big city options without the out of touch feeling of a big city. I also love that even though a lot of Clevelanders know one another, I’m ALWAYS meeting someone new in the city.

What are some of of your favorite places to hangout in Cleveland?

I love to eat! I also live for a hidden gem with some cheap drinks. Grille 55 is a favorite, I’m literally there at least once a week. I’m a lifetimer at Open Pitt for barbecue. My favorite bars to meet up with my friends varies depending on when you ask me.  Currently I like going to B-Stone. The food is good, they’ve got a TouchTunes box and I’m usually back home before the crowd comes.

What do you wish more people knew about Cleveland?

When people think Cleveland, they generally think Ohio. When they think Ohio they think farms and cornfields.  I want people to know that there are no cornfields in Cleveland and there is plenty to do and see here.

Anything else you want to add?

LeBron > Jordan

Follow Irene on Social Media: @CreditQueenIrene

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