Cool People in CLE: Nadeen Hayden

Meet Nadeen, a beautiful wife, stepmom, lawyer, yoga teacher, business owner, and judicial candidate who LOVES Cleveland. “I grew up in NE Ohio.  Both of my parents are Palestinian-American.  I’m first generation.  I went to CSU for undergrad, graduated in 2 years then attended Cleveland Marshall for law school. I am a litigation attorney who currently works for one of the top Criminal Defense firms in Cleveland, Synenberg, Colletta & Moran, LLC.  Before that I worked for Judge Nancy A. Fuerst in the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court as her staff attorney. I’ve always practiced in litigation.”


Why did your parents choose Cleveland?

My father immigrated to the US in the late 1970s and my mother grew up in-between the South Side of Chicago and the West Bank of Israel.  They came to Cleveland from Warren, Ohio in the late 1980s as I was starting my school age years.  My father was a YSU grad looking to start his career as an electrical engineer, and he got his first real job in his field in the suburbs of Cleveland.  My parents knew Cleveland was the place to go for economic opportunity in Northeast Ohio. Especially coming from Warren, which was on a decline.


Why did you decide to stay post graduation?

The legal community in Cleveland is pretty tight knit!  Especially if you graduated from Cleveland Marshall.  Our professors practiced in Cleveland firms, so many of our county and local judges are Cleveland Marshall grads, and the partners of the big firms are locals too.  It was easy for me to see that my career was meant to be in Cleveland.


You’re a successful entrepreneur, how did you find support locally to help you start your business? and why did you decide to open your business in Cleveland as oppose to somewhere else?

I started practicing yoga in law school to deal with anxiety, I became a certified yoga teacher and opened up my own studio in the Warehouse District  called Pose Cleveland in July 2015.  I actually opened the studio two weeks before my wedding, because I’m nuts.  I teach about 3 classes a week there.

My main goal in opening Pose Cleveland was to give the young professionals of the city a power yoga studio right in the heart of where they live and work.  I was the first to open a power yoga studio downtown, and am the only power yoga studio that has its roots in the city, without having started in the burbs.  I wanted to give my peers a place to practice that was designed for them, in the heart of Downtown’s most established residential neighborhood- the Warehouse District.  This has been a part of the city where people have truly embraced the urban lifestyle for decades, and I wanted to give them one more amenity they could walk to!


What are you favorite places to eat and/or hangout for dates? or family outings in Cleveland?

My husband and I love to go out to eat.  We tend to wind up in Little Italy for date nights.  Maxi’s and Etna are our favorites.  Carbs carbs carbs.  We also LOVE Townhall for a more fun/casual/healthy time.  Our favorite special occasion restaurant is probably L’Albatros.  And when we aren’t eating- you’ll find us at the Cedar Lee Theatre catching any period film, or historically based movie we can!


How does Cleveland compare to other places you’ve been nationwide?

I think Cleveland truly has a great mix of all the things I look for in a city.  I need to be in a city with culture, arts, and architecture you can admire.  Cleveland definitely has all of that, while at the same time still being accessible and friendly.  I love traveling and seeing other places, but Cleveland is just the most well-rounded place you can live.


Anything you want others you know about you or Cleveland?

When I first graduated law school, I went through the process to become an FBI Special Agent.  I made it through the first Phase.  There were a few reasons I didn’t go back when I was invited to start Phase II of the application process, but one of the main reasons was that found out I would definitely be relocated if I made it through all Phases/training….because you can’t be stationed in your hometown.  I was a new lawyer just building my network and I wasn’t ready to leave Cleveland. In January of this year I announced I was running for Judge of Cleveland Heights Municipal Court. The current judge is retiring and there is an open seat.  The election is this November. If I win, I will be the first Palestinian-American judge in Ohio, and I even think the country.  I am definitely the most qualified candidate, and am hoping to prove that by November!

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