A Cheap and Healthy Lunch with a Purpose!

So as many know, my office is located downtown. As smart and cost effective as it would be for me to pack lunch every day, I haven’t’ managed to do so successfully. With that being said, on weeks when I purchase lunch daily, I try to spend less than 10 per meal. On weeks when I pack and eat out maybe once or twice, I splurge.

This week, I’m eating healthy because I have an upcoming trip. Not only that, but I have a lot of work to complete before I go on vacation, so I didn’t want to take any out of the office lunches. I prefer to grab something and sit at my desk and eat and work.

There’s a place located in my building that I love. My organization orders from here when we have morning meetings and need danishes, or when we have lunch meetings and provide food for all those attending. When doing those things, I suggest as we do, calling ahead and placing the order for a certain pick up time.

This place is cute and small, and provides great food at a reasonable cost. I’ll be honest thought, I’ve only had the Tuna Nicoise salad, but per my colleague’s the sandwiches are also good. I literally order the same thing every time. On mornings when I’m a little hungry I will order a bagel and coffee for less than $5 total.

The staff is so friendly, when I walk in they already know what I want, and they are asking about my family and weekend plans. Retha is by far the best part of my experience! If you stop in make sure to tell her hello, she takes good care of all the customers. This is one of the many reasons I love coming here! Not only is the customer service great, but this place is a for profit benefit corporation owned by Towards Employment. They provide jobs for people with barriers to employment and pathways to prosperity for Cleveland residents. Towards Employment, is a nonprofit that empowers individuals to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through employment.

Both missions are so strong! I feel like every dollar spent here makes a difference. I’m proud to support them as often as I can and I encourage you to do so too! If you’re ever downtown and looking for a cute quiet enjoy a fireplace to read a book come here! If you just need Wi-Fi to work on your computer, come here! If you need to meet someone for lunch or just need to have a meeting, pick here! If you’re in a rush (don’t come at lunch time) and want to order and go, do takeout from here! This place is good for anything, and while I only come during the week it’s also open on the weekend.

Did I mention their website says “Creating Jobs is our Secret Ingredient” doesn’t that touch your heart? Parking is not the best, but if you are walking around downtown or happen to find a spot on Euclid, I encourage you to visit Bloom Bakery and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland.






























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