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A Courtney Covers Cleveland Quickie: Picnic Hill

The Bad News: I forgot to drop off Paulys lunch at school #MomFail The Good News: I was reminded just as I was passing Picnic Hill Market Cafe which just so happens to be a #blackownedbusiness I ordered Pauly a sandwich with fries to go and ordered myself the #VeganBurger It’s Day 3 of going vegan and I really didn’t know what to expect but baby listen… that burger was…

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Another Hidden Gem… In Cleveland Heights :)

Sooo I was convinced I had found The Best Kept Secret in Cleveland Heights then I discovered this hidden gem and I was like OMGGGGG—-, how did I not know about this place!  It’s actually a funny story… because my initial plan was to go there for our double date but they were full. We were literally driving around with no where to go, and needed a second option. As…


I Finally Made It To Happy Hour… Patio Included!

Yesterday I did something I very rarely get the chance to do, I met up with an old friend/coworker and went to Happy Hour! It was sooo last minute, we were both at work texting around 4pm and thought today would be a good day to catch up. I was coming from downtown and she was coming from Berea heading to Solon so we agreed to settle for a place…

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A Super Cute and Swanky Girls Night!

So my bestfriend and I decided we would meet on a Friday for much needed girl time and drinks. My immediate thought was okay happy hour straight from work, then I ended up going home and she text me, and although I really could’ve stayed home and sleep, I thought I should make some quick sitter arrangements and go out for a few. Luckily Grammy ( what my kids call…


Cool People in CLE: Allen Boseman

As we all know, the world is small! I literally met Allen through his sister who lives in D.C. while visiting my sister who previously lived in D.C. (read it again if you need to lol). Lo and behold they had all gone to college together in Alabama, but were all raised in Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights. Allen and I became friends by working together downtown and he has…

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