A Super Cute and Swanky Girls Night!

So my bestfriend and I decided we would meet on a Friday for much needed girl time and drinks. My immediate thought was okay happy hour straight from work, then I ended up going home and she text me, and although I really could’ve stayed home and sleep, I thought I should make some quick sitter arrangements and go out for a few.

Luckily Grammy ( what my kids call my mom) was planning for her Mexican themed party and had some errands to run, she promised to keep the kids and gave me 2 hours to enjoy a quick ladies night.

Taking that into consideration, I immediately knew I would need to stay close to the area. We went back and forth on locations and then it hit me, we should go to this super cute and swanky place I had only been to once before. It was the perfect atmosphere and vibe for a girls catch up.

I sent her the address and we arrived at the same time. I parked out front, and her in the back parking lot which I didn’t even know existed. I took a moment to enjoy the outside patio but it was still a little cold out so I just thought I definitely have to come back in the summer. We walk in and have to decide between a table for food and/or a spot at the bar. Of course we pick the bar walk on that side and its packed. We end up back at the front door, waiting for a table to open on the lounge side, keep in mind it’s about 6:45 on a Friday afternoon.

As you can see in the pictures above, the place is broken down into two sides. The side on the left was a very well lite restaurant, the other side labeled “after dark” which was a very sexy lounge space. There’s beautiful chandeliers, red lights, couches, booths and the cutest little fireplace setting. The space is small and very intimate. The house music, is a light mix of jazz and instrumentals. Perfect for hanging out and talking, we could hear the music and still hear each other.

We were seated in the front window of the “after dark” lounge side. There was only two of us but the space definitely could’ve fit up to 10 people. There was window seating, two tables, a couch and two leather seats. We took advantage of all the space for pictures. We ordered small bites AKA salads a bottle of wine and water.

In total we spent 64 dollars, not bad considering the bottle of wine was 31, and we both ate. My bestfriend Allie’s crab cake salad was $17 and my Brussels Sprout salad was about $11. It wasn’t a filling meal but it was just what we needed.

I’ll definitely be going back to this place again! So if you’re looking for a new place where you won’t run into a lot of people- this place is perfect for a date, double date, or girls night out! If you decide to go to GiGi’s on Fairmount please tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland

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  • Ashley Todd

    Definitely putting this on the list for girls night! Thanks for the post.

  • Diana Robinson

    I love great places close to home! This was a good share.

  • Bianca Young

    So cute and perfect look! I’m loving the blog post; I’ll have to give you some recommendations of my favs!

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