I Finally Made It To Happy Hour… Patio Included!

Yesterday I did something I very rarely get the chance to do, I met up with an old friend/coworker and went to Happy Hour! It was sooo last minute, we were both at work texting around 4pm and thought today would be a good day to catch up. I was coming from downtown and she was coming from Berea heading to Solon so we agreed to settle for a place on the east side. Her first suggestion was a place I hadn’t been too in a very long time, so without hesitation I agreed and just like that our Happy Hour Date was scheduled for 5:30!

I arrived remembering, not only is the parking on the street limited to meters that currently can’t be used due to construction, but that the back parking lot fills up fast. Lucky me, after driving in circles a few times, someone moved and I found a parking spot in the first lot. My friend, found a spot not too far away, we united in the parking lot and walked over together.

We walked to the back entrance because it was closes to the parking lot. We passed another small patio on our right that was slowing filling with people and walked straight to our destination. We arrived to a gate, with a larger patio, a plethora of tables and a bar. At this time it was about a fourth full, and there was a handful of people sitting at the bar. By the time I left at 7:45, the entire patio was packed, bar and tables.

It was a beautiful day, so we were requested a table on the patio of course. Within minutes our server came over with the Happy Hour Menu. I was immediately excited that all the food and drinks were reasonably priced between $7-$9 dollars. I was also happy that I had good options. Many times you find a happy hour menu with 4 appetizers to choose from, and $5 cosmo’s or martinis. Nothing wrong with that, but today I had the option to try a variety of signature mixed drinks and filling meals.

I wasn’t very hungry so I opted for a simple Caesar Salad ($7) and a drink that my server recommended called the Painkiller which was great and made me think of a tropical vacation (coconut cream, pineapple and orange juice with dark rum – topped with an orange and nutmeg). My friend Alyssa went for the Naked Cosmo (orange vodka, limoncello lime and white cranberry juice for $8) which wasn’t my speed but was good. I did see almost everyone order the flatbreads ($8 and $9) so I was convinced that had to be delicious and by looking around I noticed the angus burger and tacos (chicken and vegan options) were also popular. After our first drinks, we decided to try the Cantonese nachos ($8). They were wonton chips topped with teriyaki chicken, avocado, sirracha mayo, shredded cheese and a lot of other toppings. They were very interesting, I’m happy we tried something new, but I eventually started picking the chicken off and eating that alone. It was just a lot… lol tasty, but different. Next time, I’ll definitely go for the flatbread.

The scene was great, the weather was nice, the tables weren’t too close together, we could talk and hear each other without screaming, and the service was amazing. Everything was timely, and something that’s always important to me our server could give suggestions based on things we liked. I get so upset when I go to a restaurant and the server says I don’t know I never had it, or if the bartender says I don’t have a favorite on the menu. Our server, the bus boy, everyone was friendly, eager to keep our table clean and did not complain when I asked them to take multiple pictures of me and Alyssa.

I went inside to use the bathroom and snapped a few pictures. The last time I was there (about a year ago), I sat inside at the bar. There are also tables for larger parties throughout and high tops towards the front entrance. In the middle there’s a nice lounge area with a coffee table, fire place and plush seats. If I remember correctly that space can be reserved. This is just a cool little local spot. There were a few families eating dinner, a lot of young professionals meeting friends and having drinks, and a lot of older couples.

This place is great for any occasion, they have a full menu and bar. It’s appropriate for families (depending on the time of day), a cute hangout with friends, a casual date or a great happy hour! You can also call ahead and reserve the space or rent the venue for events. If you’re ever in the Cleveland Heights area, and driving by Cedar, be sure to enjoy at drink at The Fairmount and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland

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