Another Hidden Gem… In Cleveland Heights :)

Sooo I was convinced I had found The Best Kept Secret in Cleveland Heights then I discovered this hidden gem and I was like OMGGGGG—-, how did I not know about this place!  It’s actually a funny story… because my initial plan was to go there for our double date but they were full. We were literally driving around with no where to go, and needed a second option. As always and with no shame, I go to google or yelp and search bars in the area and wahhhhlaaaaa… not too far was a place I had never been! This happens to me all the time, so when people ask me how I find so many cool places, sometimes it’s really random!

Anywho, our framily (friends who are family) came home for the weekend and we wanted to hangout! We spent the earlier part of the day at one of my favorite local wineries and then decided to reconnect later for a double date. Our framily, Krystle and Ted Ginn Jr. grew up here but have lived away for many years due to his career in the NFL. She always tells me I find the coolest places and that I make Cleveland look like it has so much to see and experience so I wanted to make sure they went somewhere they had never been. Since my first option was a no go, I was weary with trying something new because of the chance no one would like it. I took a chance and explained it to my husband (based on the description) and he thought it was might be something cool to try together so we went!

I like to think I’m pretty familiar with this area so when we arrive on Coventry I’m a little surprised that I had never been here. I still didn’t know where exactly we were going until I notice my husband was driving in circles looking for parking. I’ll be honest that is THEEEE ONLY downside to this location. However on the upside this is a very walkable area so if you find a spot and have to walk it’s not the worst thing in the world. It actually find it pretty pleasant to walk this street no matter what time of day. Even when it’s dark and late I feel safe. Unfortunately this night it was raining so that wasn’t an option for me or my hair. Of course my husband, being the gentleman that he is LOL.. drops me at the door and goes to park. Hmmm.. actually that’s partially true! He says go inside take a look and let me know if it’s even worth parking. He said if you hate it we will go somewhere else. So of course I agree and run in.

So from the outside I can see a few people at the bar but nothing is really clear. I open the door and I’m immediately like.. oh ohhh this is cute!!! I see two friends at the bar and speak and ask them how they like this place. One says she’s a regular and that I would really like the downstairs space. I stop and browse around, I admire all the bottles on whiskey decorating the wall behind the bar and see a few cute seating areas in this very small space. I say to myself this could work because it’s not tooooo full but let me check out this basement she’s talking about. I walk down a narrow path to the back of the bar, veer right and see the stairwell.  I really had no expectations, but boy was I happily surprised!

As a lover speakeasies and all things rustic, it was the cutest, most casual, private space ever! I immediately text my husband like OMG we are staying find parking and come inside. I really wanted to be seated in this space, but I was informed it was closed for the evening because one of the servers had just went home. I took a few pictures and then went back upstairs. The ambiance was amazing down there! There was a bar on the far wall which was well lit in the very dim basement — there was also a sprinkle of red lighting. The tables were wooden, some had benches and others had metal chairs. I found out they had just finished a live performance which they host weekly, so it had a little stage set in the front with two high chairs — I vowed to come back to experience the basement. It was small but it was perfect!

I went back upstairs to greet my husband, Ted and Ky. We were then seated by the front window at a nice table. We enjoyed a bowl of almonds (they give these to everyone) while we browsed the menu. I was determined to get whiskey but needed to find the right one. Why? Because you don’t come to a a place that offers over 500 types of whiskey from all over the world  and order anything else. I was worried, like really worried lol because I couldn’t handle something too strong but I wanted to experience something they were known for. Without hesitation I asked for help! My husband played it safe and went with the  SUPER STRONG old fashion, Ted opted for a red wine and KY and I both wanted a sidecar. Our waitress ended up making us something not on the menu that was the perfect mix of whiskey in a martini. Sorry, lol I have no idea what it was but it was really good! It might have been a Manhattan lol? Just order it and see if you like it!  All of their staff was very well educated on what they offered so that was really cool to me! Especially when you need options.

I was interested in ordering a flight of whiskey’s to try… but I really couldn’t handle that much whiskey that late. I did watch as others around me enjoyed a flights and I pleased to find out they do tastings. I sat there with a million and one reasons to come back. This time, it was after 11pm and we still had to go to one more place for a late meal. We finished our second round of drinks and we were on to the next bar.

In closing, the prices were very reasonable. I think everything we ordered was either $10, $12 or $14! I would recommend this place for a small private gathering in the basement, a date night or simply hanging out with your friends! Actually ladies, if your man loves whiskey– this is the perfect place to plan a surprise date. It’s rustic, it’s cute, it’s small…it’s the perfect vibe! So if you’re looking for something different to try, checkout the Whiskey Bar and tell them you read about them on Courtney Covers Cleveland!

For those who saw my IG post, we ended the night at another spot I love in Cleveland Heights that I’ve already written about with a cool patio! We were seated inside and literally had the best service ever. It was well after midnight when we arrived and everyone was hungry. We ordered rounds after rounds of drinks and enjoyed a great meal as we talked and laughed past 3am. Before the night was over, a few servers and guests recognized who Ted was. It was quite entertaining to say the least, but they treated him with so much respect and he graciously took pictures with all those who asked. Jerome was our server and if you ever visit here be sure to ask for him! He made sure to take care of our table all night long! Ohhh might I mention, my lemon drops were spectacular – I can’t even remember what everyone else had but no one complained… and everyone had a good time! It was a great night in Cleveland Heights. There’s so much to see and try in this area. So I guess I’ll tell you to check our The Fairmount as well. It’s always busy, but you’ll always get treated like you’re the only one there!

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  • Margaret Jones

    This place sounds so intriguing. I will definitely visit and enjoy a flight! Thanks for the recommendation 🤗

  • Kate

    I’ve been dying to try this place!

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