It’s a New Year and Courtney Covers Cleveland is Back!

It’s a new year and #CourtneyCovers Cleveland is officially BACK!

I learned the hard way, that I really should stop making promises I can’t keep. I always mean well when it comes to my blog and I REALLY PROMISE (couldn’t think of another word LOL but this one I’m keeping) to do better in 2018. I’m not going to make any announcements I’ll just post. I learned when I state I’m going to do something by a particular deadline hmmm… I usually miss it and get discouraged or embarrassed that I didn’t keep my word and that’s what happen with my last post.

If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve had pneumonia the last few weeks so I’ve been locked in the house and resting. No work, no blog no anything! So with the sickness of pregnancy, a family vacation, the holidays and then that diagnosis, I haven’t been writing, posting or visiting any new places. I think I’ve said this before but I didn’t know how much work this would entail. I love my blog and will keep doing it but it’s hard to carve out time while working full time, having kids/ a husband, attending sports every evening and running a household. Sometimes there’s really just not enough time in the day. My goal for 2018 is for one night a week, just focus on ME and my blog!

I’ll also let you know that, in 2018 I’m all about SELF CARE (article catered to this soon)… Unapologetically! Meaning when I have to do what’s best for me I’m doing it. That could be lock myself in the bathroom put on headphones and soak in the tub, or turn down weekend commitments because I need to rest and take care of myself and baby. It could also mean making fancy plans for dinner with my husband so I can dress up and feel good. When you’re pregnant sometimes you just need a reason to get out- disconnect from everything and spend time with someone you love! I love my readers because I know you all understand that sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I’m overwhelmed and sometimes I just need a break from everything. I feel like most of you can understand that. Right?

I will keep the blog going, and I will post more often but I’ll always be transparent about my life and my shortcomings. In 2017 I launched this blog and in 2018 I’m looking forward to bringing you more great places, people, and things to do in Cleveland. I’ll continue writing about experiences on date nights, my girls nights, lunches, and dinners. I’ll probably spend more time looking for family outings as spending time with my family is always my top priority. I’m looking forward to not just family friendly dinners but places where my 16 year old, sopon to be 10 year old, and 2 year old can all have a good time. Also, while I’m pregnant – I won’t just focus on healthy restaurants but also explore services for women. I have a few local products and spa spots planned early so I’m excited to share those as well. So I have a good plan for 2018 and I’m excited to take the journey with you!

So… here’s to 2018 let us hold each other accountable and have a great year! If you think it’s been too long in between post, shoot me an email, send me a DM or comment on my IG saying hey… just checking in, hope you’re working on a new article. That’s a great reminder for me to do what I said, which is to make time for myself and make time for my blog!


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