My dear readers I apologize, I fell a little behind on my blog but will have a few new article up tomorrow. I was told to share my story this week after attending church, so I’m hoping my honesty helps someone and that you understand and accept my apologies.

The last few weeks I have been beyond exhausted. I’ve been very emotional, very sick, extremely busy, overworked, overwhelmed, planning events, attending events, hosting events, working full time as a Communications Director, picked up a game for ESPN, maintaining a blog, trying to balance my roles as a mom and wife, helping my sons football team with fundraisers, balancing their financial books, grocery shopping, cooking dinners, spending time with family… the list continues… but I’ve barely… I mean barely been getting rest!

I’ve been tired both mentally and physically. I’ve tried to sleep when I can, but I find it hard to stop once I start going. I wake up early get the kids off to school, get Bryce ready for my father in law then I head to work. My work days are busy to say the least and sometimes I don’t make time to take a lunch. I come home although exhausted from work, and head right to the grocery store, then back home to cook dinner. I have to make sure all homework is done, help when need be and try to keep the baby entertained all while keeping an eye on dinner. I also firmly believe in family dinners so EVERY night we sit at the table as a family and talk about our days at work and school no TV and no phones. This is something that I commit to as a wife and mom, so the clock just keeps ticking. After dinner it’s time to clean up the kitchen, give the baby a bath and get uniforms out for school the next day. By the time I’m officially done it’s well after 10 and time to work on my personal projects and spend quality time with my husband. This is a typical day for me. This isn’t a special day so it doesn’t take into consideration early meetings, late meetings or nights when I have work functions. It doesn’t take into consideration the times I have to take kids to practice or attend events at schools. So forgive me for not writing, as you can see I’ve been extremely busy.

Yesterday while driving to work, listening to gospel music and having a moment of… urghhh I just want to go back home and get in bed. A friend sent me a link to an article. I read it and literally sent it to all of my friends who are wives and moms. The article was my story through the words of someone else! It was just what I needed! It was all of my feelings that I hadn’t shared, and so many of my friends felt the same exact way! We laughed, cried and discussed how the post related so closely to our lives as moms and wives.

So this isn’t a complaint, I’m not sad or depressed! I live a beautiful, far from perfect, yet amazing life! God has truly blessed me and I am grateful for the life I have built with my husband and children. This is just bme acknowledging that sometimes it gets busy, sometimes it’s overwhelming and sometimes I just need to take a break. I hope you appreciate my honesty and that this blog post helps someone else realize that you aren’t in this alone! Us moms, us wives, we are in this together, and while it gets hard there’s a mom somewhere going through the same thing. So take breaks when you need them, I did! Make time for yourself because as a close friend reminded me, we deserve it and after taking care of everyone else, we have to remember to take care of ourselves!


Here’s an excerpt from the BEST BLOG post I ever read, the link to the full article is below:

This stage of life. It’s hard, you guys.

I’m talking right now to you moms who are in your early to mid 30’s. You have kids. Likely two, three, maybe four of them. They probably range in age from newborns to  7 or 8 year-olds. (Give or take a few, on all of the above mentioned stats).

In this stage of life, you are dealing with exhaustion. Mental, physical, and emotional.

In this stage of life, you are dealing with teething. With ear infections. With stomach viruses. You are juggling nap schedules, and feeding schedules and soccer schedules. A million balls you are juggling, and you probably feel like you are dropping most of them.

In this stage of life, you are dealing with guilt. Guilt over having a career, and not spending enough time with your kids, or guilt over staying home with your kids, and not doing enough to contribute financially. Guilt over being too harsh with your kids. Too lenient. Guilt that your house is clean, but your kids were ignored, or guilt that you enjoyed your children all day, and now your husband is coming home to filth. Guilt.

In this stage of life, you are bombarded daily with a whole host of decisions. Some of them life-changing, some of them not. None of them with clear cut answers. Do I vaccinate my kids? Do I not? Do I send them to public school? Homeschool? Charter school? Do I continue to breastfeed? Do I blow the budget so that I can buy all organic? Do I force my child to apologize, even though the apology will be insincere? You don’t know the answers to ANYTHING, but you feel constant pressure to figure out EVERYTHING.

This stage of life is less and less about watching your friends get married and have babies, and more and more about standing by and witnessing your friends struggle in their marriage, and even get divorced. It’s a stage where you’ve got to put in the time and the effort and the work and the energy to make sure your OWN marriage stays healthy. And that’s good, but it’s hard, too.   At this point, you or someone you know has experienced infertility. Miscarriages. Loss of a child….


To read the full article written by Hayley Hengst click here: Austin Moms Blog 



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  • India Daniel

    Wow this blog was everything. I must admit, I’m not much of a blog reader 🙈 but when I see something interesting, the reading begins. I can relate to this blog in so many ways and reading it made me want to laugh and cry all at the same time. It’s just good to know I’m not alone and I’m not going crazy with ALL these thoughts I have in my head. I needed to read this and it definitely gave me an ever bigger push toward the new path I’m taking. 😊😏🙋🏽

  • Shauna

    Whew youbwere managing a lot…..your balance of life is the most important thing for you and your family…❤ thank hoy por sharing

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