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Well the day has come and I’m finally launching my blog! I’m pretty excited about this journey, I’ve been planning to do this for quite some time and it took a longer than expected, but I’m happy the day has come!

I have loved Cleveland for as long as I can remember however it wasn’t until I became an adult that I learned to fully appreciate it. Not just the cost of living, but the revitalization that I’ve watched and been apart of the last few years. Cleveland has seen a transformation and it’s only getting better. Someone started calling me “Cleveland Courtney”, because I was constantly posting great news and new developments about Cleveland. It was this excitement, passion and love for Cleveland that drove me to start this blog. So I am officially a blogger, covering cool people, cool places and cool events in CLEVELAND!

The concept for this blog came about because I was literally TIRED of hearing people (millennials specifically) say there’s nothing to do in Cleveland. Because this city is so split East and West, I find myself always telling people to venture outside of their norms, drive across town and try a new restaurant, or shop at a local boutique in a suburb, plan a date night that doesn’t involve something or somewhere you’ve been a million times before! There’s just so many cool things happening in Cleveland.

If I could count how many times I received private messages about where people should take a family member for dinner, or cool locations to host birthday parties and bridal showers – I’d definitely be rich! For this reason I thought I should just create this blog! My goal is to prove to all those who say there’s nothing to do in CLEVELAND WRONG! As a wife, mom and young professional I think I have a unique perspective. Me and my iPhone will travel throughout the city taking pics and writing our honest opinion about cool events and cool places to visit in Cleveland. I will always include the location, details about the ambiance, what I ordered and how much I spent. These are key details for me when trying new places out!

Another reason I started this blog was because I really dislike hearing say you have to move out of Cleveland to become successful! First of all, success is determined by the individual. Second, there are so many cool people living a good life, at a GREAT cost right here in CLEVELAND! I’m so happy to see so many millennials coming back to CLEVELAND after living in NY, Chicago and D.C. and other large cities. So not only will I cover cool place and cool events I will also cover cool people as well!

So I hope you are as excited about this journey as I am! I actually hate writing so my blog post will always be ME- lax and informal! I’m not going to commit to a set schedule on posting (I mean afterall, I have a husband, 3 kids, 3 jobs, basketball, football PTO events, etc.), so I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter! I will promise to write at least once a week, so be sure to also follow me on social media, so you know when there’s a new post up. Feel free to contact me for ideas and feedback, I’d love to know how much you enjoy my blog… or how much you feel the opposite way. If you are someone willing to share their love for Cleveland on my blog, or those who have a place I must visit feel free to email

So again, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy #CourtneyCoversCleveland! Be sure to follow me on Instagram: and LIKE my Facebook Page 

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March 5, 2017


  • Nicole W.

    Great website and supportive post. You are so right about people and they feel about Cleveland amenities. Did you know that those very same people also have little to no direction of where to go for personal pleasures, to enhance their appearances in areas such as: beauty and fashion needs. Hi! I’m NikkiWhite and I’m a very talented hairstylist, and I’m the founder of BANGD LUXURÉ. I’m interested in speaking with you about how you got started with blogging! I’m looking to do something as similar as yourself as far as reaching out to the people, by sending them resourceful information of how to enjoy their spare time, but instead of blogging, I want to do vlogging (same as blog but I would be using just visuals and less liturature) however you page stood out to me for a variation of many reasons, and I would to explain to you why. I know you are a busy lady (as you mentioned in your above post), but may I please have time to meet with you discuss things a little bit further about some things that will allow us to both gain great exposure. #womenempowerotherwomen

  • Heidi Walker

    Hey Courtney,

    Major congrats to you. I know you have been MY go to for Cleveland suggestions. I have always thought you had very fair accessments of places and could nail what we were looking for. I wouldn’t have Heinen’s in my life if it wasn’t for you. Cleveland is very lucky to have to and I am excited to follow you on your OFFICIAL journey through one of the hidden jems iof the US.


  • Chelsea A.

    Congrats Courtney!! Looking forward to discovering more about my hometown through your adventures!!

  • Ashley Todd

    Court! This is amazing! As a single gal in Cleveland I’m constantly looking for new and excited things that Cleveland has to offer, so thanks for covering all that Cleveland has to offer!

  • Tiera E.


    Due to this blog and your many posts, I’ve been to a few places I never knew existed and I would have never thought to try. I have two more places now all because of two new posts I just read; date night and family night out. Thank you and please keep sharing.

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