Married Couples in CLE Marriage, MONEY & Mimosas

Can we talk about how AMAZING the first #CourtneyCoversClevelandPresents #MarriedCouplesinCLE of 2021 Marriage, MONEY and Mimosas was!!!!

I am still full of joy from the event and so glad that I brought it back! These couples- new and old most certainly made my morning. We had an awesome talking about Marriage and Money and no one wanted to leave LOL… we literally stayed beyond the end time because the conversations were just that good! Thank you to every single couple who attended! From the homework assignments, to the group projects, and breaking down to Husband/Wives circle- we had a nonstop great time of learning and laughing.

52% of marriages fail because of finances so I built this event around MONEY! Thank you Larese Purnell for presenting 21 Financial Tips for couples in 2021! We had some HARD but much needed financial conversations to take our marriages and families to the next level! From making sure we have Living Will’s to investing our money properly as couples, the most controversial lol should you have separate or join accounts-  and how NOT use your savings accounts, making sure you have a retirement plan and more. We all left more educated and more eager to make changes in our marriage and for our families. In addition to the custom champagne glasses and notebooks, every couple left with a signed copy of Larese’s book.

For those who don’t know, this event was birthed out of my desire for my husband to be around married men. He had a lot of single friends and I knew how important it was to engage with like minded individuals. I don’t care what anyone says- the conversations SHOULD be different. Notice I didn’t say change his friends… Fast forward to me creating a space for married couples to come together and discuss marriage!

Where men can just click- because they are going through the SAME THINGS AT HOME! Where they can high-five each other and say your wife’s a spender not a saver too… or she’s a little crazy… so is mine! Or specific to this event, talk about:

– how you accept your spouse making more
– how to make sure you’re supporting her dreams
– financial irresponsibility
– how marriage changes after children
– having independence within your marriage and so much more!!!

A lot of the joy from this event was that the MEN had such a good time! They are usually harder to open up and share lol but not this time! It was the MEN who thanked me repeatedly for having this event and bringing them together. So that’s why I do it.  Because I’m not in a perfect marriage, I’m not married to the perfect husband, and I’m not the perfect wife but we believe in marriage and the structure of black families! We have a desire to do better and get better and to hear various perspectives on issues relating to marriage.

On the reverse, the wonderful wives had some conversations I most certainly will not sure, but also talked about:

– how to manage situations where you don’t get along with your in-laws
– how to make time for business and family without forgetting about yourself
– how to rebuild trust after it’s been broken
– how traditional roles of breadwinner impact conversations and energy at home
– should your husband give you an allowance… and so much more!


Thank you to my team @natashaherbert for the pictures and to @destinyfulfild for the video, thank you @chefnursetiwanna@pearlflowercatering for making sure everyone had a wonderful brunch!  Last but not least, thank you @young_dennis @officialbelaire for powering our Mimosas, thank you @memoriesbybee for the custom glasses and thank you @glenvillagecleveland for hosting us!

Here’s also a quick recap video of the event if you want to see what you missed: 


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