How to Plan a Birthday Party in 48 Hours!

It’s no surprise that I had an amazing 35th birthday celebration. I can’t stop posting pictures and telling everyone how much fun I had from start to finish. Not just that, but my guests can’t stop talking about how much fun they had- which makes me really really happy! A good sign that you’ve had a great event is how people respond AFTER it ends. If people are telling you they had a ball, stayed out past their bedtime- or simply loved all the details… well, you did a great job!

Want to watch my birthday recap? Check it out here!

So here’s the answer to the question everyone’s been asking, how do you plan an amazing birthday party with less than 48 hours?

YOU HIRE #CourtneyCoversCleveland

Yep..  that’s my answer! Hire #CourtneyCoversEvents to plan your next special occasion. From birthday celebrations to weddings, I literally do it all!  What I’ve come to realize is that people don’t know all that it takes to achieve a look or pull off a wonderful celebration. No matter the time frame, there’s a lot that goes into planning an event. Thats why leveraging relationships is so important, who you know plays a part- especially when it comes to venues and vendors. Besides that, it’s being creative in planning the entire guest experience from start to end, providing great food and even better drinks- and making sure your entertainment- entertains. So I can’t share all my secrets because then there would be no reason to hire me or use my services RIGHT?

What I can share are some awesome vendors in Cleveland you should support like I did for my birthday!

Venue: Sadie’s Social Complex

Catering: Pearl Flower Catering

Photo Booth: DJ Lokey

Balloons: DKibbles Balloons

Marquee Numbers: Aliah Creations

Custom Cake: Michelangelo’s Bakery

Custom Dance Floor Decal: Ambitious Ink

Custom Cookies: Cookiefetti

Live Music: Brandon Landrum and The Unit Band

DJ: The King Lou Experience

Photographer: Natasha Herbert

Videographer: DestinyFulfiled

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