The Perfect Ambiance at The Perfect Price!

So my office had a Friday luncheon out to celebrate my coworkers birthday.  It also served as farewell to me for maternity leave as that would be my last day in the office, because little did we know I would deliver that upcoming Sunday. Anytime someone in our office has a birthday, we ask where they want to go and schedule to go for a late lunch. Timing is important, because on a…

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Courtney and Codi’s Secret Garden Baby Shower!

So this past weekend, I had the most amazing baby shower ever! No… like seriously, it was perfect in every single way! The theme, the location, the decor, the people… literally everything!…


So following my amazing Sip and Spa Birthday experience (which you can read about Part 1), a few of us agreed to grab brunch! I didn’t formally plan a lunch because I wasn’t…

Courts Sip and Spa Birthday (PART 1)

So a few weeks ago, I celebrated my 32nd birthday! At first I wasn’t going to do anything… I figured I’m pregnant, I’ve been tired and just not in the…

Happy International Women’s Day!

I love the #womensempowerment movement! There’s nothing more important than knowing there’s a seat at the table for every WOMAN to eat and win! I truly believe “When women support…

Who’s Who is Accepting Submissions!

Who’s Who in Black Cleveland is something I love and truly support…  Not just because Rhonda Crowder puts so much hard work into making it happen, or because I’ve had the…

Cousins Who Love To Brunch Around CLE!

So every so often my female cousins and I get together for brunch. I have an ongoing list of places I want to visit for the blog, so I’m usually…

Wine For Them, Ginger Beer For Me!

So there’s a Wine Bar/Lounge not too far from my house that I always pass. Last summer while searching for a specific Porto Wine, I stopped there but they were…


  • To my #MCM my husband, an amazing father who we celebrate not just yesterday but everyday! We might not say it enough but I hope you know how much we love and appreciate everything you do for our family. Thanks for being the best father to our kids. We hope you enjoyed your day and gifts! .
In the words of Marcee Tidwell in Jerry Maguire “My whole life is this family, Jerry. It doesn't work without him.” #HappyFathersDay
  • Happy Fathers Day to the man who still spoils me today! Never missed a beat with any of his kids and goes above and beyond for his grandkids. #blessed would be an understatement! #happyfathersday #daddysgirlforever #boandcowedding
  • Because my daughter #CodiLynn is absolutely gorgeous! Look what we made @crewcamp_bo ! Photo taken and edited by me 💗
 #Daughters #BabyGirl #PerfectBabies #CuteBabies #CuteKids #babymodel #babygirl #1month #munamommy #babiesofinstagram
  • So my husband keeps telling me how much he enjoyed dinner! I never cook scallops (the texture just isn’t my fav) but made them, baked blackened salmon and made a pesto pasta with spinach and tomatoes. I’m also not afraid to try new meals (thanks to Pinterest). So someone asked me how often I cook like this... and well because I’m a wife and mom (3 big boys at that) I try to cook every day! Knowing that’s unrealistic I’d say I do at least 4 home cooked dinners a week (this does not include breakfast and lunch) so my hubs and kids never complain about food! .
LADIES/Wives/Moms: How often do you make home cooked meals? Men how often do you expect it? #Food #Moms #Wives
  • Here’s another picture lol because TT @camille813 wanted one with her mouth closed lol #HappyOneMonth #CodiLynn
  • Time already seems to be flying I can’t believe #CodiLynn has already been here a month! I’ve been so hard on myself with such unrealistic expectations of hoping to already snap my body back (totally trippin and needing to remind myself it’s only been 4 weeks) trying to find time to write all these articles to catch up on  #courtneycoverscleveland salty I missed out on working eastern conference finals and the NBA Finals... the list just goes on! I’ve just been doing the most while being incredibly emotional and beating myself up for no reason. The reality is... I’ve been too tired to do anything but be a MOM this month and I had to come to terms with that... I can’t do everything or be everywhere  and while that’s hard to accept I’m totally FINALLY okay with that! I love being a mom, wouldn’t trade it for the world and right now that’s the only job I’m going to focus on!! Heck maternity leave will be over before I know it and I’ll be back to working anyway- so I’m going to enjoy this break while I can! #tootiredanyway #blogger #workingmom #postpartumjourney #1monthpostpartum #1month #momlife #mommyhood #maternityleave #babygirl

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