A Family Day Trip to Cedar Point Sports Center!

*This post is sponsored through a partnership with Ohio. Find It Here and Cedar Point Sports Center.

If you’re looking to have some fun with the entire family look no further! Notice I didn’t say this summer – because you can enjoy this year-round and regardless of the weather because it’s indoors. 

Where is this awesome place you ask?

Well, it’s the Cedar Point Sports Center in Sandusky! #CourtneyCoversCleveland and family were invited to experience the THRILL and we ALL HAD A BALL! No seriously, from my husband and teenagers to the littles – we had nonstop fun for 4 hours. Do you know how hard it is to find something that everyone can enjoy? In one place. Like a 19-year-old can have as much as a 3 year old? Trust me it’s hard! This modern, inviting atmosphere has so much to offer and is sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s family fun like no other!

Let me also add, it was a quick day trip, so we left early in the afternoon, and came back in the evening. 

This is a beautiful new facility that I’ve been to for AAU basketball tournaments, but I had never paid attention to anything outside of the courts! Today I realized it’s soooooo much more! This unique indoor Family Center includes a rock-climbing area, ninja course and redemption arcade. Adventure & Arcade is the ultimate fun, safe and adventurous place to play (or host events).

As I stated above, the best thing about this place is there was something for every age. Codi loved the Cloud Climb (slide) and the Crazy Traverse (small wall), Bryce… well he fell in love with the climbing walls. Bryce had never tried climbing walls, so we were all amazed at how excited he was to try them ALL– literally, all the varying levels of difficulty. Sometimes he climbed with dad, other times he raced with his brothers. Many times, he just did it alone, just wanting to try them all. I was too happy see him try something new, get past his fears and THRIVE! Oh, my little heart melted, and his dad and I just wanted to watch him climb walls all day. 

Pauly and B loved the Ninja Course which had both easy and challenging obstacles. They loved racing through to see who had the fastest time. It was fun to see them try this as well, the activities really put their athleticism to the test. I more than challenged myself by giving it a try… and although I skipped around – I made it to the end and to the top of the hill to press the button. Bryon and I did as much as our old bodies would allow LOL but enjoyed competing in the Arcade. Air Hockey is one of my favorite all time games, so we went to battle a few times… do I need to say it? Of course I won! The arcade was great for everyone, and there were no paper tickets to carry around, instead there’s a digital ticketing and game card system to make things easy. Of course the kids loved going to the redemption counter to select from the latest prizes. It was a great way to end the trip! 

So if you’re looking for a great day trip with the kids or an overnight getaway this is a great option for families! Thank you Ryan and Jake for hosting us and thank you @ohio.findithere for making this happen!

For more information about Ohio. Find it Here Visit: ohio.org

For more information visit on Cedar Points Sports Center visit: https://www.cpsports.com



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