A Trip to Brazil in CLE

You will soon learn that I am a HUGE advocate for consistent Date Nights! For that reason, every other week we venture out with our cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd to enjoy a married couples evening. We take turns as couples picking restaurants that none of us have ever been to and enjoy the night out with our spouses, which means no kids allowed (parents need breaks lol)! Depending on the time of dinner, we usually go one place for our meal and then another place for drinks.

A few weeks ago, it was our turn (and by our I mean mine, because my husband usually looks to me to make the decision) and I really wanted to just go out for drinks. I had already planned to cook dinner and the evening was quickly approaching and I had anew brewery and a wine bar in mind. Lo and behold, the Boyd’s hadn’t had dinner and I quickly had to find a place that had a kitchen open past 9pm on a Wednesday evening. I know that doesn’t sound difficult, but it actually was, we don’t like to be rushed and because we live in different parts of the city, we have to calculate travel time. Not to mention, our sitter was running behind so I needed to cook a quick meal for the kids and get the baby ready for bath time.

Somehow I remembered a place on Larchmere I had been dying to try for quite some time. I checked yelp and made a quick decision for the group. It took us about 20 minutes to get there from home. We arrived to what looked like a house. It was very cute on the outside and made me feel like I was going to walk into a cozy little dinner party. I realized upon arriving to the door, I had been there before but it was now a different restaurant. The place had maybe one or two people at the bar and no one in the dining area. We were immediately seated, and close by the window so we could watch the snow fall.

Lucky us, not only did we get a nice view, but that night was also half off certain bottles of wine and appetizers (BINGO!). The menu was peculiar only because it was Brazilian, and I didn’t know much of what was listed. My husband and I ordered mussels to share (but not really because I hate the texture and usually eat one and stop) a bottle of red wine and the Carolina’s Pasta, which I had read online was very good. The food was great, and so was the wine. The atmosphere was very intimate, quiet and as I stated before very cozy. We literally stayed past closed because we were enjoying our “married peoples” conversation and the owner was actually there and working, so there was no rush to kick us out.

We all left very pleased with the service, food and atmosphere. Bryon and I spent a total of $64 for everything I mentioned, which seemed to us to be a very reasonable amount. I wouldn’t recommend this place for a large group due to the size, but it’s good for a ladies night, or date night for sure! Probably a great place to visit in the summer when you can sit outside and relax.

If you’re looking for something different, I’d say Batuqui Cleveland is worth a try! I’ll definitely be back . If you go, tell them you read about it on #CourtneyCoversCleveland


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