A Family Favorite!

So I thought while I explore the many places I’m going to for my first time in Cleveland, I’d also share some of my favorite places of all time! This place in particular, has been a family favorite since as long as I can remember. I’ve been coming here since I was old enough to walk to Shaker Square, but I guess also old enough to get dropped off to hangout with friend’s for a few hours unattended- which was probably around the same time (LOL) grade school! I hate to tell my age but, I remember going here for my favorite meal, after going to see the Titanic in 1997. WOW, 20 years ago… Some places just don’t go out of style.

This is definitely a popular restaurant for those who live in the Shaker area. Whether its for Sunday morning breakfast after church, a weeknight family dinner or simply quick dessert, I know I can always find something on the menu to fit exactly what I’m looking for and for a very reasonable price. One this particular day, it was an afternoon date with my boys. Pauly (My 8 year old) and I usually split a side salad and opt for our own Notso Fries, but today – feeling extra hungry we changed it up. I ordered a full Caesar Salad ($9) and Lotso Fries ($7) for us to share. Notso Fries, which are “not so common” are probably the most popular item on the menu. Pictured above, they are cottage fries topped with melted cheeses and sour cream.

I never worry about my bill when coming here because I never spend more than 30 dollars, especially when Pauly and I share our usual meal I stay closer to $20. This time we were at $30 because he wanted a milkshake and I needed to get Bryce (my one year old) chicken fingers. I will say the kids menu gives you a lot of options to choose from and the restaurant is extremely family friendly. Bryce may bang his spoons on the table, or yell because I took a break from feeding him to feed myself, but it’s okay and I don’t feel like a bad parent, because more than likely there are 3 more children doing the same thing at tables nearby. As a parent, I’m very mindful of bringing Bryce out in public. This is a place where I feel at ease, and I’m not worried if he’s interrupting someone’s meal because he decides to throw a little tantrum when he no longer want to sit in the highchair. I also like the assistance I get from the jukebox, which may help to drown him out a little. That’s just the reality of having a little kid, right moms?

So, if you’re looking for a family friendly place, you only want to spend a few dollars and you want to walk away full… I suggest you make your way to Your’s Truly and order some Notso Fries! I promise you won’t be disappointed! I prefer the Shaker Square location but you do have other options. FYI- Saturday and Sunday mornings are very busy and have longer wait periods but they do offer grapefruit mimosas once you get to your table!

*For some strange reason during the summer they stay open to 10 and 11 but during the winter/spring months they close at 8pm. That change is still new to me, and I don’t understand it but I’m learning to accept it. Whenever you decide to go, just let them know you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland.




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  • Ashley Todd

    My favorite spot in Cleveland by far! From salad to burgers everything is amazing! My mouth is watering just thinking about that ” kill it skillet” 😊

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