Heaven in (Greater) CLE!

Well my birthday weekend was amazing from start to finish! It began with my husband joining me in taking the day off and telling me to “dress comfortable and just enjoy what I have planned”. Running a little behind, as we usually are – we missed breakfast. That didn’t bother me too much because I enjoyed having the opportunity to just sleep in! We dropped baby Bryce off and then it was time to start the day.

We got on the highway and drove downtown, which seemed to be an error so we got back on the highway and headed in the opposite direction – I didn’t ask any questions. Trying to avoid guessing, or figuring out the many places in the direction we were headed, I tried to not look out the window and pay attention to my phone and the music. Once I noticed were were far on 422, my heart began to race. I was like is he taking me there… no way… then I noticed the Aurora Rd. sign and I knew what was coming…

I played it cool until we arrived to the circular driveway and then I started screaming- no like literally screaming! My husband had surprised me with a trip to the spa… but not just any spa, my favorite spa! I have been here before so this is definitely a #CourtneyFavorite. The reason I was probably so excited is not only did I mention I really needed to relax, but because this is a special occasion spa. It’s not one that I frequent often because it’s pricier than the other spa’s locally. I knew once I stepped out of the car I was in for a treat!

We arrived and as always were greeted by the overly friendly staff. My husband pulled to the wrong entrance so I was able to enjoy walking through the Inn before we made it to the Spa. I was cheesing so hard and just couldn’t stop thanking him for giving me exactly what I needed… peace, serenity, relaxation and CHAMPAGNE!

Our reservation was a little messed up but it worked out in our favor. While they rearranged the time of our couples massage, we were able to just hang out and enjoy each others company inside the Relaxation Lounge. It was just us, the fire place, our two glasses of champagne and a great conversation. After about 20 minutes, our issues had been resolved and we were headed to our couples suite.

Just being here makes you feel like you are so far away from everything – and not just your kids and your problems, but the craziness of the city. Every window captures the perfectly fallen snow and the simplistic beauty of nature surrounding the spa, it’s pretty much like being on a resort if you ask me. I could really have a seat and stare out the window all day.

We arrived to a suite a little different from those we have had in the past, instead of the normal Couples Suite we were in the Vitchy Suite. The layout was different in the sense that our beds were not side by side for our massages. The Vitchy Suite “adds a wet room for the ultimate spa experience.” We immediately changed into our kashwere bathrobes to start enjoying our pre and post massage time in the suite. There were books to read, and of course another bottle of champagne to enjoy! We spent most of our time in the jacuzzi, but husband couldn’t make it to 5 minutes in the steam room, and I thought the entire point of being there was to be together so lol, when he ran out I ran out to.

When the phone rang it was a signal that our massages would begin in 5 minutes. We had to wait to see who they were, Bryon was convinced if they were two males he might just cancel his massage, but I was hoping for a male and female which would be the easiest. Welp the door opened, and to our surprise it was two females, we looked at each other and laughed. I told him the older lady would do his and the younger lady mine- of course we laughed again, selected our beds and enjoyed an hour of no communication with each other and no communication with the outside world, just the sound of nature and amazing massages.

Once the massages ended, we were beyond relaxed! We could barely walk and we definitely didn’t want to leave, all we wanted to do was sleep! We enjoyed some freshly brewed tea and changed back into our clothes. Like every visit in the past, this was nothing short of another amazing experience. Everything from the ambiance, to the customer service, this place is just perfect. I will be back and I encourage you to find time to visit my favorite spa in Cleveland Spa Walden. I will be honest and say it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth every penny. We spend at least $500 for services each visit. Prices are also higher on Friday and Saturday. There are restaurants and options to stay overnight as well. If I didn’t have a birthday event planned that night, I most certainly would’ve opted to stay! If you go off of my recommendation be sure to let them know you heard about them from #CourtneyCoversCleveland



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