A Spa Tucked Away in The Open!

Last week I did something that was loooooooooong overdue! As a person who often preaches the importance of self care, I finally took my own advice and scheduled time to actually practice it. I blocked half a day out on my calendar, took a BREAK from everything and went to a new spa for a morning of self-care. It was simply AMAAAAAAAZING, like I am still floating on cloud nine! I decided to bring my friend Jazmine along because we were both in need of a break. I can honestly say, from the time we walked in the door, until the time we did not want to leave… we were completely immersed in the experience.

Let me say I passed this place 3 times before I realized I was standing across the street from it. By the time I figured I was so close, I turned and said to Jazmine how did we miss this Spa tucked away in the open. We laughed and entered the two huge doors that led us into a little lobby area. We were immediately greeted and checked in to start our experience. We entered one more door, and I felt like I was hit like BOOM – immediately walking into place of peace and the scent of relaxation (which to me smells like lavender and/ or eucalyptus). I immediately felt like I was beginning to unwind. We were given robes and slippers then taken right to the women’s locker room to undress.

Once fully robed we grabbed water in the long hallway, and were escorted to the Relaxation Room. Here we were presented with our mimosas, which we had ordered before changing. We decided to make a toast to fully living in the moment for the entire morning. We toast to enjoying this experience to the max and not thinking about anything pertaining to work, or the kids. This was our time to be free and focus on self. The lounge was dim lit, and had a fireplace so it was like we were away at a girls retreat just drinking and having girl talk. It was the perfect way for us to fill out paperwork, finish our first drinks, and relax before our friends massage.

Now we could’ve done these in different rooms but we wanted to be in the same room. Not only did we want to scope the scene for coming back with our spouses, but we also wanted to enjoy the experience together. Usually that means talking, but we were so relaxed, during the 50 minute Swedish Massages that I fell asleep. We agreed they were hands down two of the best massages we had ever had. For reference, Ciara did mine and Kat did Jazmine and both were phenomenal and gave us the best service). I literally woke up feeling like a new person, less tense and even more relaxed.

From here we walked back down the long hallway and were taken to another private Relaxation Room which reminded me of a cute and swanky lounge. I immediately said to myself  this would be perfect for a private spa party (mental note to come back). We sat here, reflected on our massages and how great we felt while enjoying a glass of wine. We had another mimosa and talked a little more before it was time for our organic facials. The facial for me was the icing on the cake, I laid down and did not want to get up. The warm wraps, the exfoliating, the eye masks… everything was simply amazing! In the words of Jazmine who took the words our of my mouth” it had so many hidden surprises that I just didn’t expect. Not to mention the steam.”  I laid there for the entire 50 minutes floating on a cloud and work up glowing with what felt like a new face. I would recommend Tanya, Jazmine recommends Amber but honestly you can’t go wrong with either we truly loved the service and treatment we received.

In closing, we both agreed we would come back in a heartbeat! It’s perfect for a private gathering with friends, with our moms mom or for a date with out husbands. When feeling super stressed or overwhelmed, or just in need of some “me time” this Spa is the perfect getaway. Let me end also say, I don’t typically post chains on my blog-  because I’m very conscious and committed to making sure I’m promoting all things  local. I have however agreed to start posting places that come to Cleveland that are locally owned and operated as long as it’s the FIRST of it’s kind to the area. This Spa in particular was voted Number One-day spa chain in America by Day Spa Magazine. This Spa is also the first in the Cleveland area, and located in Cleveland’s newest lifestyle center – Pinecrest. So… if you’re looking for a new Spa to try, don’t schedule an appointment, schedule an experience at The Woodhouse Day Spa and tell them you learned about them on Courtney Covers Cleveland, I promise you won’t regret it.


*In partnership with Woodhouse Day Spa I received complimentary services in exchange for this article. The experience and thoughts are my own true sentiments.

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