So the ADULTS only Lion King was SOOOO MUCH FUN! Why was it fun you ask? because, us adults had the chance to be kids again! because we were able to watch our favorite childhood movie without the interruptions of kids needing to go to the bathroom, or babies screaming.

As always I try to make my events more than just coming to the movies.  Since Atlas Shaker Square doesn’t sell alcohol, I thought it would be cool to encourage the attendees to come a tad bit early and experience Shaker Square. I promoted the happy hour specials that were happening at the restaurants to the left and right of the movie theatre. I shared that SASA (to the left) had a $6 happy hour with specials on food and drinks and that Senor Tequila (on the right) had $3.50 margaritas, $4 tequila shots and live music. I was excited to see so many ADULTS kid free and having a good time as early as 5pm! The doors to the movie didn’t open until 7:15 so I wanted people to have fun before they came in.

By 7pm the line to the private theatre was long! I told everyone to come early because EVERY SINGLE SEAT SOLD OUT! That meant, unless people decided to not show, every seat was accounted for. If you were particular about sitting in the aisle, or in the middle your best bet was to be on time and grab your seat. As expected, people showed up early to claim their seats. Once the doors finally opened, guests walked into music playing by DJ Nay. She was told to play nothing but hits from 1994, so of course we started with Biggie’s JUICY! I was really trying to set the mood so everyone could think back to the year that the original Lion King came out. I literally spent all night playing hits from 1994 from my computer and getting excited so I knew this moment would be a hit!

Fast forward to everyone in their seats… I wanted everyone to get pumped up… so I had the DJ drop Tootsie Roll… and LOL let’s just say that was a hit or miss moment! My goal was to get people energized and while many felt my hit records, not everyone was ready to jam. We played a few more songs from 1994 then went right to our activities. The first one was adult musical chairs to more hits from 1994 and songs from Lion King. I started with a great group of 10 participants all of whom left with free movie tickets. After that I did a round of trivia from 1994. The questions ranged from, “What were the two songs Boys II Men had on the Billboards in 1994” to “This man the first black President of South Africa in 1994” I also had a quick Price is Right Game, where 5 members of the audience had to guess the price of gas in 1994 without going over. I gave away $25 giftcards to various restaurants in Shaker Square including SASA, Captain Tony’s, Edwin’s, Zanzibar, Senor Tequila, Flawless Beauty School, FIRE and the movie theatre.  

Once the games were over everyone enjoyed the movie! I did poll everyone at the end to see if they enjoyed it more or less than the original and it was split. It was a great movie, a little different from the original in content and graphics, but all together a great experience. Thanks again to all those who came to support #CourtneyCoversCleveland

Thank you Atlas Cinemas Shaker Square, Matt you’re awesome for helping me pull this together in 8 days! Thank you Zanzibar for allowing us to come post event and have dinner and drinks! Thank you SASA for your donation! Thank you DJ Nay for providing the music, thank you Shakeena for pictures, and Chas for the video recap!

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