Wine For Them, Ginger Beer For Me!

So there’s a Wine Bar/Lounge not too far from my house that I always pass. Last summer while searching for a specific Porto Wine, I stopped there but they were closed for remodeling. Fast forward a few months later, I passed by and the lights were on, and people were inside. At this point I was pregnant so I made a mental note that once the baby dropped, this was a place that I would visit soon after.

Well, I haven’t delivered the baby, and I’m not drinking wine BUT I decided this was a perfect place for a last minute girls night out. Two of my childhood friends and I decided we should get together for a catch up session.. AKA lots of drinks and lots of laughs. We also decided, although this was a break from the kids, we should stay close to home. FYI… no I don’t feel bad saying that, all moms/wives need and deserve a break! Especially after a week of ironing uniforms, packing lunch, helping with homework, cleaning the house, attending basketball games, cooking dinner… need I go on lol?

We originally planned to meet at 7 and to be done by 9, however we were late and we decided to let the good times roll and that was beyond 9pm.

To set the scene this place is located in a plaza on Green Road, and if you aren’t looking for it, it won’t stand out. You aren’t pulling up to some fancy building, it’s a store front next to a Mexican restaurant, that looks out onto a large parking lot. As you approach the front door you can see directly in because the windows and doors are all glass. I vaguely, remember the layout before but it was my hopes that it was similar to that and it was. There’s long bar to the left and individual tables on the right. Behind the tables there’s a sitting area with multiple couches centered around a coffee table and beyond that a pool table and one of my favorite games skee-ball.

Nez arrived first and picked a table not too far from the front. There were a few people at the bar, and a few people at other tables, then there was a group gathering in the back for a wine tasting that started later in the evening. The vibe throughout was so chill, I mean everything and everybody was so lax and in their own worlds.  There weren’t any workers running around trying to greet guest, put in orders, or rush drinks back to tables. It was a walk in and hear from the bar area, welcome! It was a sit wherever you want and just let me know if you need something type of place. It was kind of like being at home but with assistance.

By the time Jazmine and I arrived, Nez was enjoying a glass of Malbec. They later skimmed the shelves for a white wine with a high percentage, (our usual when it comes to wine) and settled for a nice bottle of chardonnay. Once selected it was chilled, then opened and brought to our table with glasses. FYI- there is a $20 minimum on wine for them to open and chill it for free. If the bottle of wine is less that $20, you will be charged $20 to open and drink it there. Anywho,  I asked for a glass of sparkling cider, which I knew was a stretch, so I was not surprised when I was told they didn’t have it. Afterall, LOL what is a pregnant person doing in a bar anyway…  the very sweet bartender did offer me a nonalcoholic ginger beer. Which gave me something to drink besides water. This place offers not only a full service bar, but over 1800 wines and 100 beers.  There’s so many to choose from and if you have a question you can surely ask the staff for recommendations or input. While we preferred to sit in and drink, take out is also an option.

We sat and talked for hours. We laughed out lout and didn’t disturb a soul. It was just the perfect little place to hang out and be free. We didn’t have to worry about running into people we knew, (which sometimes drives me crazy to be honest) and we were probably the youngest people there. The space wasn’t crowded, and we were able to have private conversations without worrying if anyone was paying any attention to us. Again, it’s not fancy but its the perfect local place when you just need a break. It’s a great pregame starter for date night, or a night cap after dinner. It’s great place if you want to gather a few friends or attend a wine tasting. I actually regret not asking more questions about the frequency and price of the wine tastings but figured after baby I would inquire and come back for sure. Did I mention you can bring in your own snacks? Next time I’ll definitely bring in a small cheese and cracker tray. 

So if you’re looking for a break, and don’t really feel like dressing up… BarNone is a great option. Stop by, enjoy a glass or bottle of wine and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland

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