So hopefully you just read Part 1 of Our 6th Anniversary and you’re excited to see how Bryon surprised ME, if not… go read it then come back!

Let me start with, my husband and I believe in healthy competition. We literally compete to see who can outdo the other, when it comes to showing our love or planning things for us to do. It’s never a negative but always a WOW- you did good, or WOW I can’t believe you did this. Not to mention the anticipation leading up to special days and occasions just adds to the surprise!

Anywho, before he knew we were getting on a boat he was pressed for time. He was like whatever you have planned we have to be back home to get dressed by 5pm. I’m like welp, we are running a little late but I guess we can do that. In my heart I was upset we would have to cut our boat ride short BUT… once he was on the water he miraculously decided he had a little wiggle room and we could fully enjoy our full 2 hour ride.

So we get off the boat, and get to our car to head home. I’m prepared to hop in the shower and throw on this white dress, already laid out on my bed. I’m literally thinking what shoes will I wear when he mentions we are going out to dinner. My jaw dropped. We had agreed whatever we did would ONLY include us two. With COVID I didn’t want to risk being in a very public space or surrounded by a lot of people. I tried to remain calm but I definitely said dude are you kidding me! Do you even think that’s safe? I mean, I’ll do what you want but this might not be a good idea. 

I didn’t want to kill the vibe and really wanted to enjoy whatever he had planned so I put a muzzle on it and just rode home. The conversation shifted and by the time we pulled up we were laughing. Funny enough I was NOT paying attention to my surroundings. I get out of the passenger seat in our driveway… and lo and behold… a dinner table for two was set up in our backyard!

Music was playing, there was a bottle on the table and roses, it was soooooo cute!!! I literally started laughing out loud saying HOWWWWW… WHATTTT lol.. I knew you of all people did NOT want to go to a restaurant but this was such a great alternative. As I trying to walk to the table, out my house literally comes our Chef for the evening, Ricardo! I couldn’t believe they were in this together. My husband didn’t want to kill the vibe by taking an hour to change so we just let the evening continue- as is!

Let me share we have this cute little area in our backyard that we had literally just used for the first time in 6 years… the night before. I always say we should sit out here more often, even add a fire pit but we  never did. We don’t have a lot of grass in our backyard, just some rock pathways, a little greenery and a small hand built gazebo with hanging sensor lights. The day before I had just changed the lights to flowers to go with our luau theme so those were still up.

So again, the music was playing we had wine and water and our 5 course dinner was going to get underway shortly. I had previously purchased “88 Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives” so I pulled that out to spark some new topics to discuss. They were so much fun! Honestly, the questions allowed us to learn more about each other as we answered questions like “Describe a time as a child when you felt really special and important” and “How do you describe me to other people? and What makes you feel proud to be married to me?”

Chef Ricardo started our meal with a great introduction for the evening and explained what we were going to have. Bryon picked a seafood menu because he knows I love seafood and well, that’s the only meat he eats. I had hired The GourmetGent for our Blended Family Brunch this year and grew up in church with him, so I was glad Bryon chose him for the evening. His food is always amazing so I was excited to get started.

Here’s what we had:

Starter: Lobster Bisque Soup with a Blueberry Spinach Salad with Shaved Almonds, Topped With a Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

Second Course: Cleveland Crab Cakes Topped with a Chipotle Aoili

Third Course: Champagne Butter Crab Legs

Main Course: Chilean Sea Bass, Sweet Potato Puree, Kale & Cabbage Escabeche, Topped with Dragon Fruit Sauce

Dessert: Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Topped With a Strawberry & Basil

Not only was every single plate amazing, he also had some cute activities planned for us. After we ate, we listened to a song that we anonymously wrote on a paper. He asked us to chose the one song we wished they played at our wedding- of course we picked the same song LOL- then he made one of us change it. While the songs played we wrote letters to eachother. Once we were done, we went for a walk- while our Chef cleaned up and broke down his table and settings.

It was the BESTTTTTT way to end our day. We were both soooo excited to be home, and be able to spend our anniversary safe and in our own backyard. We were worried how it would work out, but as you can see everything was perfect!

If you’re ever looking for a personal Chef, I encourage you to try the Gourmet Gent, tell him you read about him on Courtney Covers Cleveland. His website is and he is amazing! Check him out on Instagram as well @GourmetGent

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