The Amazing View For Paul’s 11th Birthday!

So this past weekend was my son Paul’s 11th birthday and as always, we made he sure he received everything he asked for! Planning at this time of the year is a challenge because he plays AAU basketball and we just never know where we will be. Luckily, the past two years, Paul’s birthday landed on the same days as the Dru Joyce basketball tournament in Akron Ohio so we decided to do something with that in mind.

Paul tends to be simple. It might be elaborate after the fact, but the idea is usually simple. So he says sleepover… his parents think… largest penthouse available. Another example, Paul’s birthday was on Friday, but we had to do his dinner on Monday (his dad had to go to Paris for the week) and my fancy 11 year old asked for steak. Of course we could’ve done anywhere, but his dad selected the best steakhouse in Cleveland- XO Primesteaks. With that came the private room, a custom menu, a buffet with prime filet, shrimp, crab cakes sushi and more…. and of course custom adult drinks. Sooo again, simple but with flare. I’ve been supporting Z and XO since before my 21st birthday, and the service and food are both great so I’m not complaining! I’ll do a full article on him later…

So back to the sleepover… I talked to a friend of mine about looking for a nice hotel in Akron, and she suggested a place she had been for a daughter in the past. She told me about their experience and said it would be perfect and it most certainly was! I had never been here, and would’ve never considered it, but now I can’t wait to go back! When I told my husband I was putting this on my blog, he told me it didn’t fit the criteria of my usual posts. I had to tell him my blog is all about experiencing Cleveland in a new light. This isn’t supporting a small business but it’s a great option for a staycation! It’s a great place to host a family reunion! It’s a great place for a date night, an all girls adult sleepover… there are so many options!

So you pull up and there’s complimentary valet, and immediately I say to myself WINNING! You walk in and there are stairs to go down to what looks like a nice restaurant surrounded by glass windows, I think cute I’ll check that out later. We veer right, check in and we are told our room is on the lower level. I’m immediately like how is that possible, and Paul’s like mom there’s not way thats a good view. I say to myself just go see it first. We get on a glass elevator and go down to the lower level and walk to our room. You walk in there’s a bathroom on the right and a large bedroom in front, to the left is a staircase with a really nice painting. Downstairs there’s a long kitchen counter a small refrigerator, a full living room (with a pull out couch) and dining area. The farside has floor to ceiling windows and you can see out. Pauly rushes to the balcony door and  it’s heavenly! A nice balcony/deck with a table and umbrella overlooking the water falls. It’s sooo peaceful and absolutely beautiful!

We had a lot of kids come, literally his entire basketball team but not everyone stayed the night (the hotel also makes you sign a form about the amount of people staying in the room). The living room couch pulled out into a bed and as boys do, they figured out their sleeping arrangements. Due to the mix up with our room, they offered to bring a rollaway bed as well which we definitely needed. Paul had brought his Xbox and PS4 to keep them occupied, and I tried to play a few games but it caused the kids to be wayyy too loud! I’m just against them sitting and watching a screen for hours so I like to implement activities. We played some music and they danced and everyone had a great time. I brought in drinks and snacks galore and ordered pizza from Marcos, which was literally .4 miles away. The pizza arrived in less than 30 minutes of being ordered and was still too hot to eat when we opened the boxes. Before it was too late, the kids had the chance to enjoy the balcony.

ADULT FUN: I brought in a bottle of wine for me and my bestfriend Allie but didn’t have an opener. I decided to sneak away, walk to the front desk and ask for one. I noticed by the elevator was a few stairs, so I figured it’s literally one level I’ll go that way and WAHHHHLA!!! It was a bar! A bar with live music on the right and hightop tables and TVs on the left. It was cute! It was the type of bar you sit and talk for hours then say wow it’s that late, where did the time go. I didn’t even need to go to the front desk, I was able to have my wine opened right at the bar. I regret not taking this picture at night so you could see the band and bar area full! I walked a few steps past the bar to revisit the restaurant which was dimly lit and full of people. In my head I said this would be a perfect staycation for couples! Me and Bryon are coming back and maybe I’ll plan an event?

In the morning the kids enjoyed the buffet that was provided in the restaurant (not sure the cost but it was not free) and then headed to their game. I requested a late check out because the boys played at 8am and not again until 6pm. I figured it would be nice to come back and relax, and we did. They boys also got to see a Kayak race right off our balcony in the falls. They loved it! They wanted to swim in the pool, which was at the end of our hallway, but I didn’t think that was a good idea before their game. I let them see it and promised we would come back.

Soooo this place was GREAT! The views, the room, the restaurant, the bar… it was just a great getaway! I’ll be honest to say I encountered a few problems initially with my reservations. The first time I didn’t get my confirmation email for the penthouse and when I called about it, it was no longer available so I had to be put in a multi-level suite. I was told it was still two floors and that they would give me a great view with a double bed. I had the rep confirm my email and waited until I received it this time. When I got to check in my double bed was actually a king. Although disappointed yet again, there was nothing I could do so I asked for management. Here is where customer service makes a difference! Although I was upset with the issues… I’m still willing and excited to go back. Why? Because people make mistakes, it’s not earth shattering, it makes you upset in the moment but usually in situations like this, it works out! When management can apologize and admit fault, it makes the experience better. So thanks to Melissa, I’m looking forward to coming back and experiencing the penthouse! Stay tuned for that article…

So in closing, this property was great and located right off the highway in downtown Cuyahoga Falls. I didn’t get a chance to explore the area but everything I would’ve needed was inside! There was a Walmart an exit away, and it looked to be like a nice walking area across the road with stores. So if you’re looking for a quick getaway or a nice location for a romantic staycation… visit the Sheraton Suites Akron/Cuyahoga Falls and tell them you read about them on Courtney Covers Cleveland!

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