The Couples Valentine’s Day Dance!

So I’m going to apologize that it took me so long to get this one up. After this event I had surgery and then have been swamped busy ever since (terrible excuse but story of my life). As I start to promote the next #MarriedCouplesInCle event, I thought it would be appropriate to share what those who didn’t attend, missed at the Valentine’s Day Dance!

First let me say I’ll never do anything like that again (I mean I never do anything the same anyway) but I’ll never charge $150 for couples. My goal is to plan what I can within the $100 per couple range… the Valentine’s Day Dance required a lot of work on my end because – as always wanted it to be nice for my guests. I had to order tables and gold chiavari chairs, I wanted black linens, a catered dinner with china and silverware, lighting and candles, and real flower centerpieces- LOL so yes! Courtney Covers Cleveland was doing the most for Valentine’s Day!  Oh how could I forget to mention I also had a DJ, open wine bar and a photo-booth! So all that was included in the price!

So the guests found out the day before that the event would be held at SPACES & Co. This is a space I love and use time and time again! It allows you to completely transform the space and make it whatever you need it to be. It’s also minority owned and operated, and serves as a co-working space throughout the week. I have literally had more events here than I can count on two hands and love that it’s conveniently located on the brink of downtown.

As guest arrived wearing either black or red, which was a request for the dance. They were asked to stay in the waiting area until the doors opened for the event. This 30 minute waiting period was sponsored by Hennessy so all the guests received a glass of Moet Champagne while waiting. As many of you know, I do not offer liquor at my events only wine however this time, we also had a Hennessy punch that was also sponsored.

Once they entered the room, guests were asked to be seated with a couple they did not know. Once seated we immediately began our icebreaker, which introduced each couple in a very unique way. This was the start of us getting to know each other and had us laughing the entire time! Once everyone was introduced, we began dinner and the second activity for the night. This activity was meant to allow each table to learn more about the couple they were sitting with and to provide conversation over dinner. Each table was given a task to create a list of 5 things based on their given topic. After dinner each table presented and we started our open couple conversations. As always, this is where we encourage couples to be honest and share their opinions on certain situations. Many times this is peoples favorite part.

Once we concluded the open conversation, we broke into two groups. Men vs women, which is something we do each event. This time it was a song battle, where each team had to pick the best song for a given situation. The DJ would play the winning song and that team was given a point. At the end… the MEN won but us WOMEN put up a good fight! After this all couples were asked to come to the dance floor to rekindle the love and dance with their significant other for a song. After that, people were allowed to either learn Trap Ballroom Dancing (ballroom dancing to R&B/Rap) taught by Donovan Boyd, or they were free to take pictures in the photo-booth and mingle.

We ended the night, with all the couples back on the dance floor! Randomly, each couples “wedding song/or couple song” was played and they would come to the middle of the dance floor for their special moment. The other couples gathered around them singing and dancing as well. This was one of my favorite moments of the evening! The attention you give your spouse and the love you share really makes you feel like no one else is in the room. it was the perfect end to a magical night!

Again, I’d like to thank Spaces & Co. for hosting our Valentine’s Day Dance, Pearl Flower Catering for our amazing dinner! Guests enjoyed dinner rolls and a spinach and strawberry salad for starters, and had Lemon Garlic Butter Salmon, Chicken breast tenderloins with mushrooms in a Marsala wine reduction, Rice pilaf and Asparagus for dinner. I’d like to thank Jamie at Jamie Powell Events for the decor and the dessert table! She is my go to for all things and all my events when I need things done, she truly delivers! I’d like to thank DJ Nay for providing the music for the evening,  The Socialite Booth for the photo-booth, and Ten Plus Design Studio for the custom Courtney Covers Cleveland graphic used for the photo-booth. Last but not least, thank you Georgina for all your help, thank you Sundae and Rickea for working the bar, thank you to Natasha Herbert for the photography, and Hennessy for being our sponsor.



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