One More Reason To Be Thankful!

So if you follow me on social media, you’ve already seen my announcement that… yes I’M EXPECTING!

If you didn’t guess, due to my protruding belly in pictures or the last few months that I’ve been sick, exhausted, emotional and overwhelmed, no worries I was just going through pregnancy. So while I apologize for this little break from my blog I’ll be very honest in saying the first trimester kicked my butt. I had NO energy whatsoever! I was busy with work, putting in overtime with my sons football team and balancing my life as a wife and mother. Between games and practices, parent meetings, cooking dinner… I barely found time to rest let alone travel around Cleveland and visit places to spotlight on my blog. So I’m sorry but yes I’m back!!!!

I’m now in the second trimester and have some article catching up to do! I’m thinking I’ll auto-schedule them for every morning this week? What do you think? Would you come back faithfully to see where I went? Not only that, since I’m pregnant, and not partaking in happy hours, I’m looking for services that are applicable to me! This could be  spa’s for me to relax and get pampered (possibly new locations for a good massage not just pedicures), local boutiques to visit with clothing I can actually fit, or other products sold by local entrepreneurs or businesses that I may like! I’m also looking to promote events that are happening this holiday season! Whether it’s family friendly or something young adults can enjoy, please send them to me via email so I can share with my audience all the many things going on between now and New Year’s! Please sure to include an image and a short description. Please know,I will only post events that I feel align with my audience.

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