My First Time At The Cleveland Airshow

It’s so amazing to live in #Cleveland practically my entire life and still experience FIRST through #courtneycoverscleveland

Thanks to Destination Cleveland, I took my boys to the Cleveland Air show and had such an amazing time! The boys got to see sooooo many different planes and they were able to go inside and ask question. They learned about the Tuskegee Airmen and NASA, while eating local food and enjoying the airshow! It’s perfect for kids of all ages as long as you have headphones or earplugs! I opted out of bringing Codi, despite the noise, I didn’t want to worry about the long walks and changing diapers in the heat. Next year, I’m thinking of making it a family outing for sure,  but also think it’s a super cute idea for a date.

If you’ve never been, next year add it to your list of things to do in 2020!

Cool Little Fact: The Cleveland National Air Show is one of the oldest and most established annual air shows in the country starting with the National Air Races from 1929-1949 and continuing with the current day Air Show from 1964-present. Did you know this? We have to start appreciating all the cool things RIGHT here in Cleveland! People come from all across the country to witness this show.

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