My First Dinner Party… on A Patio!

THANK YOU to all 63 of my amazing  #StandardDinnerParty attendees! Another SOLD OUT (over my planned capacity) Event! Thanks for coming in your “Sexy Denim” and supporting a super cute local restaurant and me. I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed the dinner topics and vibes on the patio. Even more, we enjoyed trying a new place together and providing feedback on the atmosphere and food. This was a different experience for me, but it taught me soooo many lessons- I’m excited to implement a few changes and plan the next one! Check this video out to see what you missed!

For those who don’t know, this concept came simply from my discovery of a new place! I was browsing on Facebook and saw a Chef that I know post pictures of his new patio. I swiped through about 4 pictures and literally fell in love! It was picture perfect, and I thought wouldn’t it be cool to have an event in this space. Then I thought, I realistically can’t plan another large event before the weather changes, how about I plan a dinner party. I always try new places alone, with my husband or with friends, so I thought it would be cool to Invite a few of my followers to try a new place with me. So I did!

I reserved the patio, created a flier and posted the event. It didn’t take long before the event was SOLD OUT! I had a few groups of friends purchase tables, a few hair shops purchase tables for their employees, a couple couples… and individuals. It was the perfect outing for a small ladies night with friends, a  date night with your significant other, or the perfect escape for team building. As always, I didn’t share WHERE the dinner party would be held, just the time and date. I waited 24 hours before and sent the address and dress attire.

I chose the theme Sexy Denim, because I figured everyone owns an item that’s denim- it’s whats been trending all season right? The key was that it didn’t matter how you wore your denim, it could’ve been a shirt, a jacket, jeans, shorts ANYTHING! The idea was to take that theme and own it. I encouraged attendees to wear whatever they saw fit and to feel comfortable and sexy!

The day of the event guests arrived through the front doors and were escorted to the patio. In doing so, they had a chance to see the entire venue (because you had to walk through the restaurant to get to the patio). Some attendees arrived a tad bit early to enjoy drinks at the bar. Upon entering the patio, guests were personally greeted by me with a hug or handshake, then received their drink ticket. In the background was live music from Cleveland’s own Brandon Landrum. Tables were assigned, so all you had to do was find your name or the group who you RSVPed with. Once seated and drinking their red Sangria, I welcomed everyone to the Dinner Party. I also polled attendees to see who had been to the restaurant before. Only a few had, but they hadn’t been since the renovated patio and since Said was the new chef. All that makes a difference! I wasn’t concerned if someone received the venue and said I’ve been there. I was pretty sure people hadn’t gone recently and for that reason it was a difference experience. Not to mention, they were coming with me. On a private patio, with live music and a DJ- and custom table topics.

Anywho— table by table, guests were called to the buffet line to pick from: Mediterranean Salad, Caesar Salad, Mac & Cheese, Shredded Brussels Sprouts, Spaghetti Bolognese and the Mediterranean Seafood Pasta. While waiting, and while dining tables engaged in a variety of dinner table  topics. There were fishbowls at the center of each table with random questions, the guests were told to pass it around with each person pulling one to read, then everyone at the table answer. This stayed between the tables, but at one point in time we did open it up to the entire group. It was a nice way to get to know strangers, and a great way to laugh with friends. At the end of the night I passed out my post event survey, however this time it had questions about the venue as well.

It was exciting to get feedback for myself, but also for the business. What they liked about the food what they didn’t like, how they felt about the atmosphere, would they come back etc. That information will be shared with ownership every Dinner Party, at every restaurant I choose, because this event is about them. About Cleveland restaurants creating an experience, food and atmosphere that gets people wanting to come back! I’m excited for the next one…

Thank you to my sponsors: Custom Jeans: @6thstreetvintage Makeup: @mua_kb Videographer: @destinyfulfild and Photographer: Natasha Herbert Thank you to my DJ: @_djnay and my live music performer @1blandrum the night would NOT have been possible without you! Last but not least, Thank You to The Standard for hosting us! Many of my attendees said they would come back to try something else on the menu and to do happy hour on the patio! I encourage all my followers to support this local business!!

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