A Courtney Covers Cleveland Quickie: A Food Truck with a Mission

So yesterday, I tried something new yet AGAIN for lunch and decided to make it A #CourtneyCoversClevelandQuickie! After missing the entire summer of “Walnut Wednesday” because of maternity leave, I was excited to go with friends. My friend Shardy kept saying she hoped a certain truck would be there so she could get the crab cake sandwich. I had no idea what it was, but I said I was willing to try it. Lucky for us, it was there! While ordering food I read the declaration that was on the side of their food truck and I was actually moved, it literally touched my heart. Then I ate the eggplant fries and their popular crab cake burger and fell in love. Both were simply amazing! Because I‘m still dieting I just had one piece of bread but I totally could’ve eaten the crab cake alone with lettuce. The food was great, but after reading their website I have truly fallen in love with their mission. It’s certain to make you a fan before you even try the food:

The Manna Truck: Feeding the Rich to Feed the Poor.

Manna Truck began as a partnership between a workforce reentry program of Ohio’s largest homeless shelter and a church focused on seeing this region lifted through compassionate action, the Manna Truck is more than just a food truck. The Manna Truck offers hope everywhere it goes. Manna Truck provides a second chance for men and women who have hit hard times. Matt and Julie feel it’s a privilege to walk alongside these men and women to help them toward a brighter future. By grabbing a meal from the Manna Truck, you are creating jobs for the formerly homeless and helping feed those in need.

Head over to their page to find out where the Manna Food Truck truck will be next or to inquire about their catering options… be sure to tell them you read about them on #courtneycoverscleveland

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