A Special 2 for $40 Date Night!

So date nights are back with the Boyd’s! Our cousins who we go out with every two weeks for what we call “Married Couples Date Night” I actually decided to start using the hashtag #MarriedCouplesInCLE for us to share all the places we love for dates! Let’s begin with this super cute bed and breakfast.

So I found this place awhile back after visiting a different locations under this catering company. They offered a Tuesday special and I was wondering if I could find it anywhere else… luckily I did, but for Wednesdays! I found this wonderful restaurant that had been voted of the of the Best Bed and Breakfast in the COUNTRY by the Cooking Channel! Yes, you read that correctly, another hidden gem in Cleveland uncovered! That was really all the credibility I needed, not to mention the special I was chasing! As if that wasn’t enough it was voted Cleveland’s Best New Restaurant 2011, A Cleveland A-List Establishment, and as one of Cleveland’s Top Patios. In July 2013, New York Magazine recognized it as a cutting-edge destination in Cleveland. Need I say more?

For starters this place is in Little Italy, and for me, that immediately sets a mental tone for small and intimate which is perfect for date night You pull up to what looks like a very large house, behind a black fence covered with tall shrubs so you can’t see through. What you can see, once the sun has set, are the hanging lights running across the patio. Once you pull around to the door there’s a complimentary valet attendant waiting to park your car. You enter and walk up a a short flight of stairs into a little lobby. There’s a desk immediately in front of you, a few seats and coffee table to the right, and a large bar and sitting tables to the left. It’s dim but not dark, well lit but not bright, it’s honestly a very nice ambiance!

This place is a bed and breakfast so the front desk is shared, so you can check in for the inn, or check in for your dinner reservation at the same place. To get to our table, you walked down a long hallway. On the way you passed an opening on the left that led to the patio. I walked out just to see it, and if it weren’t chilly to me, I would’ve chosen to eat there. It was cute, and actually despite the weather every table was full. It’s the perfect place to come back to on a warm summer night.  I walked back in and continued down the long hallway, passed an open kitchen on the right, then as you walked a little further along there were open rooms to both the left and right with multiple dinner tables.  Our walk ended when the hallway stopped and we were seated on what felt like an addition to the house. It was closed in with floor to ceiling windows over looking the patio. It was perfect, with minimal tables for small parties. We were tucked away in the corner so it was perfect for us to have our married couples conversations.

When it was time to order, of course went for the special menu! What special menu? welp the reason that brought us here! This place happens to have a special on Wednesday’s that’s 2 for $40. With that you get to choose from an appetizer to share, separate entrees and my favorite part… a bottle of wine! To be clear for the wine connoisseurs, it’s not a bottle Château Margaux 1787, but it is everything you need for a romantic dinner with your spouse. What I love about this special, is that it’s really good food to choose from. It’s not chicken fingers and burgers, but options like real steak and salmon. Bryon and I ordered caesar salads for our appetizer (although I was tempted to try the chicken tortilla soup), I ordered the braised pot roast which I had read was a customer favorite, while Bryon had the shrimp and grits. We also selected the cabernet as our choice of wine. The Boyd’s went with the shared braised beef and wild mushroom pierorgies appetizer, Donovan had the shrimp and grits, and Dominique had the pan seared salmon. We didn’t have one complaint amongst our group! We all loved our food. It’s an excellent deal, you really can’t beat! We ate, drank and talked well past closing, but no one seemed to care. We were in fact having so much fun we didn’t want the night to end so we headed to a second place for drinks.

So this place is great, perfect for a date night, but also great for hanging out with friends or an adult family gathering. As a parent I would not say this is kid friendly, nor would I bring my kids to ruin the ambiance in the evening. That’s my personal opinion though, I’ve never seen any kids here but that’s not to say that they aren’t welcome or can’t come earlier in the day. They have a great happy hour menu and what I hear is a great brunch on the weekend. The deal alone makes this  place worth a visit! To try the food or for do a weekend staycation in Little Italy, which is definitely on my list of things to do! I promise you and your spouse, date or friend will not be disappointed you came! So if you’re ever looking for a date on Wednesday, in Little Italy and looking for food or drinks, try Washington Bistro and Inn and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland


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