A Cup of The Promise Land

So last week I posted two new drinks to serve as alternatives to my usual morning caramel macchiatos from Starbucks. My first alternative was coffee with cream and sugar  but now that I’m back in the gym, I’ve been committed to a healthier diet. In doing so, I’m only drinking water and an occasional glass of red wine in the evenings. Being honest with myself, I knew it would be hard to leave coffee off that list long term, so I decided to find other ways to enjoy it!

A coworker of mine introduced me to a drink she said I’d love! It was available in the coffee shop next door to our office building downtown. Of course, I’d been here multiple times in the past and to a one of the other locations but, I had never tried my new favorite drink… The Promise Land.

First let me say this is a really cute little coffee shop, on a busy street in downtown Cleveland. When I say it’s small, I mean they literally have one hightop table with four chairs, one smaller table with two chairs, one couch and one arm chair nicely placed around a coffee table with plants. For me, I prefer small coffee shops because small equates to cozy in my book.  They have three paintings on the wall that really brighten the space, but of course my favorite part is simply the large windows that bring in lots of natural light filling the entire space. They also have a few company sweaters hanging on the walls, and coffee and other items on a rack that you can purchase. They also offer granola cups, pastries and bagels on the counter, but I’m trying to stay on my healthy path so I have not yet purchased. I have come close  to trying the flourless brownies but… I haven’t!

When you walk in either entrance (through the Hyatt Arcade or from Superior)  there’s a long counter right in front of you. The menu is written on the wall on a chalkboard, which fits the artsy space. There’s also a picture hanging on the column that says “Voted 2017 Best Coffee Shop in Cleveland” right by the cashier. It’s a simple reminder before you order, that you’re making a good decision. The staff is always friendly and smiling. I’m pretty sure that after two weeks, everyone seems to know what I’m going to order before I open my mouth. Special shoutout to Selena who is def one of my favorite baristas because no only does she  know what I want, she also doesn’t mind taking a few pictures when asked.

So my new favorite drink of course, The Promise Land is a double shot of expresso, almond milk pure natural honey and cinnamon. I order that almost every day but I have also tried the Cardamom Bomb Latte which is a great alternative. That’s a double shot of expresso, almond milk brown sugar and cardamom. So I encourage you to try both! The cardamom has a hint of spice similar to chai and the promise land obviously taste like cinnamon.

So if you’re anything like me, in need of a coffee but looking to have it without the cream and sugar, stop by your nearest Rising Star Coffee Roasters and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland. I visit the Arcade location, but there’s also one in Little Italy, Hingetown, and Lakewood. For coffee shop hours at the various locations visit their site Rising Star Coffee Roasters.


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  • Kate Bk

    I love this latte! The Hingetown location is my fave for working during the day, but I also hit up the downtown location sometimes after Harness Cycle.

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