Vegan or Not, You Will Love These Vegan Sweets!

So if you follow me on social media, you might have seen my instastory last weekend asking for local places to find Vegan Desserts! I had an intense craving for sweets so I thought (mentally) if I got something vegan it would be healthier than the alternative. Don’t judge me, seriously I am fully aware without providing research that vegan desserts still use sugar and vegan does not necessarily mean healthier option! However, mentally I justified this and felt as though this was right decision if I wanted something sweet.

Although I had just posted about a few of my favorite local vegan places from VegFest, I wanted something closeby and on the eastside.I also wanted something fresh and I wanted to support local or else I would’ve just purchased my usual Halo low calorie ice cream from the grocery store. A good friend of mine sent me a place to try and I was literally there in 10 minutes. It’s funny because in all my times traveling on this street, literally just a few weeks ago For Our First Dinner Date with Codi, I had never seen this little bakery.

When we pulled up I told my husband OMG this is soooo cute! It was tucked away next to a house, with a few tables outside what I call the perfect for people watching glass windows. There was also a little black bench closer to the street for additional seating. When you approach the door the first thing you see is a sign that reads “Live Dangerously, Eat Vegan Cupcakes” with a giant pink cupcake. You walk in and the walls are exposed brick with pink and white paint, a cute little mural, and bench table seating decorated with small donut pillows. The table is  accented with pink and white painted chairs on the opposite side. It’s small and cozy and everything I like in a little coffee shop!

I walked right up to the glass and immediately started to eye the cupcakes! I was like a kid lost in a candy story, everything looked great and I wanted it ALL! I introduced myself to Colie who was working behind the counter, and started to ask literally 1000 questions!  Like what makes this vegan, what makes it better or different from a regular bakery, what’s actually in the desserts, what’s the most popular item, and more! She was great, laughed and answered all my questions. She also informed me (and their website confirmed) all there products made are vegan; meaning no dairy, egg or honey ingredients. They also try to use as many organic ingredients as possible, while also trying to keep prices affordable to its customers.

We started with the vegan coma, which totally reminds me of a cinnabon. It was hands down amazing and my favorite item on the menu!!!! Like so good we couldn’t share, so ordered one for each of us. It was also served warm which just made it that much better. We sat outside the bakery and enjoyed them then went back for more! No literally, we ordered another vegan coma, while we looked for sweets to take home. We ended up ordering a red rover cupcake (similar in taste to red velvet), and two pile o’brownies with nuts. I also considered the blueberry muffin, cookie dough balls and apple ginger bread but couldn’t bring myself to be healthy and purchase so many sweets! I left those to try for the next trip. There were just so many reasons to come back! With family, with friends, or simply to sit and work.FYI, the vegan coma is only sold on Fridays and donuts are only sold on Wednesdays, both items sell out fast. You can also place bulk orders for these items.

In the end we spent less than $25 (not including our tip to the lovely local business)! The brownies were $3, the vegan coma was $3.50, the cupcake was $2.50 and the last item we grabbed on the way out was a bag of $7 vegan jerky. As a lover of all things spicy I thought this Jamaican jerky was a good option for a snack and it was. We ate the entire bag within one hour of purchasing. I also ended up grabbing a few items for my dad who happens to be vegetarian to try at home. Although we didn’t have any, they had various lattes, coffees, teas and drinks as well. Did I mention it was a family owned and operated business by two long time vegans? Another reason I liked supporting! So if you’re ever in the Larchmere area, or are looking for vegan sweets, stop by Poison Berry Bakery and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland


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