Trying to put last night into words but this picture… this sums it up. What an HONOR for #CourtneyCoversCleveland to plan this dinner party for our friend Justin Bibb (@bibbforcle),  the Mayor Elect!

After 16 years our city will have new leadership as he becomes Cleveland’s 54th Mayor and second-youngest mayor in the city’s history! Last Tuesday was a celebration! They said he couldn’t do it… but he did. He’s showing us that nothing is impossible! Everyone in this room is motivating each other and doing amazing work in Cleveland. Together we are all apart or Cleveland’s Transformative Change.

To our brother and friend, the Mayor Elect, we love you and we are sooo proud of you! We have your back forever and always Justin! #CleCantWait

Shoutout to my cohosts Evelynn Burnett and Allen Boseman, this event started with a conversation at 2am on Election Night.
We were the last three standing after celebrating Justin’s historical win. See a small group of us (many from the picture) gathered to watch the polls together. When it was CLEAR Justin had won lol by a landslide. He greeted us before heading to the church to give his acceptance speech.

It was in that moment I knew we had to do more for him. Specifically this special group of Cleveland’s young black leaders. See if it’s one thing we’ve figured out… it’s how to come together and support each other!

So here we were at 2am talking about the City of Cleveland – the challenges and the potential. Then we agree we can’t miss this moment, this historical win, and the opportunity to show our support the next four years for our friend. More importantly we agreed that everyone in the room had a role in Clevelands Transformative Change and we must all hold ourselves and each other accountable.

Then I said let’s host a Private Dinner Party to celebrate… and they said bet. Then we did it and it was AMAZING.

Get some friends like mine! That will push you professionally and party with you socially. Friends who you can make money with, friends who mention your name when you’re not in the room and friends who don’t hold back on keeping it real.

Let’s keep it going, not just us but everyone!

Major thank you to my team that made the night EVERYTHING @jamiewheredreamzcometrue@mynameisbravo @samiazellner @pearlflowercatering@memoriesbybee @aliah_creations @cookiefetti@justintimeprintingllc @mixology_incorporated@dmarszphotography @shellyshenanigans SUPPORT THESE SMALL BUSINESSES!

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  • Darnell G, Seals Sr. xx

    I just wanted to commend our Honorable Mayor Mr. Justin Bibbs. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio 598 east 103rd street. I went into the Marine Corps for eight years and witnessed all sorts of RACISM and discrimination. Mayor Justin Bibbs is young and vigrant and has a modern day theory to today’s world., He is starting out with experience and knowledge of how Cleveland was, how Cleveland is, And how Cleveland can become. Good luck Honorable Mayor Justin Bibbs your doing an outstanding job for the people, You will make the next term. Oh !. If he has the opportunity could he look into some of my judicial and child support cases he will see I am a prime candidate for EXPUNGEMENT. TALK TO THE HONORLABLE GOVERNOR MR. MIKE DEWINE

    Mr. Darnell G, Seals Sr xx
    2759 Sandhill Road
    Monroeville Ohio 44847.

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