Breakfast, With A Side of Education!

This past Saturday morning, I woke up early and met my best friend Allie for breakfast. She recommended a place that she had fallen in love with (literally, the day before) and while I had heard great things about it from numerous people, I had never been. I was excited, because I knew this place was super healthy.  Per their Instagram page, they are known for serving all lifestyles: raw, vegan, vegetarian and plant meals.

I arrived around 10am and waited outside, taking pictures of the patio until Allie arrived. I noticed the inside was empty, but every so often some one would pull up, walk in grab an order and leave. I figured they had called ahead. When she arrived we entered the restaurant and stared at the hanging menu. We had no idea what to order, everything sounded great, and Allie was only familiar with the lunch menu. We stood there for awhile, and then one of the owners came over to help us out.

He started giving us a little history on the restaurant, letting us know that all the products were fresh and clean, and great for your body. He then directed us to the screens above the cashier for the most up to date menu options. As we watched the slides change, he told us about his @whatsreallyinyourfoodcle page, A page dedicated to educating people on the right colors to eat and put in your body, he also explained how dye’s affect your body. I honestly felt like I was in a health class. I learned so much in the 15 minutes it took us to order. At one point we actually moved to the side to let a group that came after us order. We wanted to know what their favorites were to guide our selections.

One lady said everything was great so we couldn’t go wrong but recommended the waffle griddle, while the other said try the waffle tower. I didn’t need much convincing, so I went on ahead and ordered the waffle tower.  While you had various options (plain, raspberry, brownie nut, banana nut, strawberry etc.) I went with blueberry. Allie decided on the omelette tower (stuffed with mushrooms, onions, cheese and spinach), and both meals were served with veggie sausage. As a bonus to dining in, we were also given detox water (turmeric citrus water) to drink with our meal. By this time, the second owner Gwen had come to the front to further explain some of the options on the menu. I was curious about the “tower concept” so she explained how important it is to have portion control, and eat in moderation. She explained this is why things are in a tower, it’s stacked up instead of stacked out. It totally made sense in her explanation, but I’m not sure I paraphrased it well, so my apologies. She also talked us through the smoothies, and suggested all first timers try the Watermelon Ocean Cleanse, which we also ordered.

We found a table outside on the patio, and sat and enjoyed our turmeric water until our meals arrived. The service was timely. We waited only about 15 minutes for our food to arrive. Both meals looked delicious. I’m not a fan of mushrooms so I didn’t try Allie’s omelette tower, and my waffle tower was so large that I couldn’t finish it all. It was absolutely amazing though, even the syrup. I will be honest, it was my first time trying veggie sausage, I ate one patty but not the other. Allie loved it, but for me, it was going to take some time. It wasn’t bad, it was just different than anything I’ve ever tasted. By the time we were finishing up, Gwen came over to ask how our service was. We told her how much we enjoyed our meals, and she explained how everything at her restaurant was to benefit our bodies, she even explained that the turmeric water was to help digest our foods.

This place was great!  I think that the educational piece that you get with the meal and service is priceless. I felt so educated about what I was putting in my body after leaving this place. Not only that but I had a great meal, at an affordable price, I was full and I ate healthy! I think I may have spent a little over $20 total? Allie picked up the tab for our food, and I picked up the tab for the smoothies, the waffle tower was $13, and the smoothie $6.99 so maybe a few dollars more with tax. This is a place I could see myself visiting often. Not only is is locally owned, it’s minority owned and it’s healthy food! It’s a quick option when you need to grab and go, as they also sell cold press juices, and it’s an option beyond breakfast if you want to have lunch. You can also comment on their IG page if you want to place an order. All you have to do is let them know the time you want the meal ready and then show your comment when you come in for an additional discount. I’m excited to go back and try the breadless sweet bean burger, the crab slider, the avo parfait and the Vizza (pizza alternative that’s raw almond crust, organic and vegan).

So if you are ever in the Bedford area (a side of town I very rarely frequent, but would just for this place) between the hours of 6am to 6pm Tuesday through Friday or 8am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, be sure to visit Market Eatery and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland.


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