Green Walls = Fresh, Healthy Food!

On a typical working day downtown, I try to pack my lunch and eat at my desk or go somewhere close, grab food and then eat at my desk. While I don’t think that’s the healthiest thing to do, I always think of all the work I can complete in the time I’m out enjoying lunch. Welp, this week as I try to really step away from work more often than not, I decided to go meet a friend for lunch. I really wanted a place that had recently reopened in a new location, but my friend was strapped for time and only had 45 minutes. She suggested we meet a place walking distance from both of our offices at Playhouse Square. I had never heard of it, so of course I said yes and was on the way.

It was a beautiful day out, so I enjoyed the less than ten minute walk from my office to the Hanna Building. We arrived to a restaurant, with a few tables outside and stickers that read ICE CREAM on the window. I was confused, but decided to trust her judgement that they had really good salads. We entered the Hanna Building off of 14th, then turned right to the entrance of restaurant. There was a long line inside, so we took our place, and gazed at the two chalkboard menu’s posted on the wall. There were both weekly and daily specials, all of which looked amazing. I had a hard time deciding what to eat, but an even harder time looking past the green walls everywhere.

I’m not sure why I was so amazed by the colored walls but it was so unusually different! It was sooooo cool to me. It was like the perfect shade of green, it wasn’t too dark, wasn’t too light, didn’t make me want to vomit (like most weird greens do) and it was just so refreshing! I felt like, by the walls alone I had picked a healthy place for lunch. It was the color of fresh green cabbage or lettuce at the market. Does that sound weird? Possibly LOL but it’s definitely how I felt walking in. I know they say colors fuel emotions, so in this case for me personally, it worked!  After learning more, the green walls were so reflective of the company, they are “a quick serve restaurant, offering breakfast and lunch, focusing on quality ingredients that are local, healthy, organic and can be served with speed and affordability”  after eating there, I totally agree!

After I stopped focusing on the walls, I started focusing back on the food. I asked my friend for the 100th time for recommendations, her response again was that the salads were really good. I picked one, then I saw what sounded like a fantastic chicken sandwich as the special. I’m so indecisive that I really had no idea what I wanted. I didn’t see anything for more than $10 so I was eager to get more than one thing, than thought to myself… Courtney get real! Pick something and if you don’t like it try something else. Randomly my friend said I heard the Tuna Melt was good and BINGO I had a winner. I honestly, had been craving a tuna melt for weeks, so this was my last and final answer.

I ordered the tuna melt, and then waited. I actually love when you can see all the ingredients through glass, and you can watch the chefs prepare your food. Honestly, the smallest things make me happy. When my food was ready, my name was called and I was handed a silver tray, with my tuna melt in a little skillet. Presentation is everything, and for this to be such a quick ordering process, I was loving every part of my experience. I took my tray to the cashier, and my friend handed me a bag of sweet potato trips that she said I just had to try. That was prefect, because I can’t eat a sandwich without a side. I rang out at $12 and grabbed a cup of water.

My friend Kyerra grabbed us seats by the window. We enjoyed the Playhouse scenery while we enjoyed our lunch and talked. We went to lunch around noon so it made sense that the place was pretty busy. The tables that were empty when we first arrived were all full by the time we left. It was a great experience from start to finish, the place was spacious and clean, my tuna melt was great and the chips were tasty but a little salty for my liking. As you may have read in other articles, any hint of salt drives me crazy and the chips weren’t covered in salt but tossed in salt ,so I was able to rub them one by one to finish the bag.

This is definitely a place I would go back! So many options on the menu that I am eager to try. Due to the quick service it’s also an option if I want to just order and pick up. Did I mention it was open for breakfast? Did I mention that there’s also an ice cream shop inside? I obviously didn’t go at breakfast time so I’m not sure what that menu entails, and the ice cream part wasn’t open while I was there but Im sure they are definitely worth trying in the future. I have to mention this is only open during the week from 8am to 2pm. They provide catering and boxed lunches and you are able to rent the space out after 3pm which is cool.

If you’re every downtown, Monday through Friday, be sure to stop by the Green Rooster Farm and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland.

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