Happy I Gave these Tacos A 2nd Chance!

So I came to this place one time before, literally like the first day it opened it’s downtown location. I came with coworkers, spent $30 dollars on a margarita pitcher and never came back. It was crazy busy, my tacos were just okay and I thought the pitcher was a little pricey. After one visit, I wrote it off assuming I’d find better options downtown. Boy was I wrong!

Last Sunday while working a set day for the NBA Finals we had a walk away lunch. A few people on the crew wanted tacos and someone suggested this place. I was immediately like nope let’s try something else, but then thought everything deserves a second chance, and this would be a great opportunity to blog about my experience. I decided to go and we walked over from the TV compound. My entire perspective changed! Memo to self and others, the first day a place opens isn’t fair to judge.

We arrived and were seated very quickly, which is great for a Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were serving brunch. Our server explained they have a brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm. If it weren’t for the fact we were working, I totally would’ve enjoyed one of the $6 mimosas. It’s not a $3 dollar mimosa, but it’s definitely still a great deal.

While we browsed the menus (brunch and regular) we enjoyed some salsa and traditional guacamole with chips. A little bit of information about me, I totally despise the taste of salt and don’t use it to cook at home. Any pinch of salt that I can taste, I immediately stop eating.  Although my friends enjoyed the guac, it was too salty for me. I did however, really enjoy the salsa which was right up my alley and a little spicy.

Looking for more “spicy” in my tacos, I asked the server to recommend something for me. I ended up ordering the Spicy Sapanaro with chicken ($4) and the Carne Trozo ($4), both which were labeled the hottest items on the menu. I was expecting not to like the first because the chicken wasn’t shredded, and expecting to love the second which was shredded beef. I was surprised! Hated the beef taco but loved the chicken so much I ordered a second to replace the Carne Trozo. This taco was so filling! I had just two (for $8 total) and I was full. It was a hard shell inside a soft shell, held together with cheese and chorizo. Probably not the healthiest thing on the menu, but it’s definitely a new favorite (must try).

My friend JJ enjoyed the chicken and waffles taco, Heidi had the biscuits and gravy,  and Jason kept it simple and built his own tacos. He didn’t think he would enjoy anything because he’s from Texas and they have authentic Mexican tacos down there (LOL). All in all I think we all spent under $10 a piece. It was a great place for a quick meal.

If you’re ever driving downtown on Prospect, this patio is always full of people! On weekdays, weekends and anytime the Indians or Cavs are playing this from looks alone, is great place to stop and have a drink. They have multiple locations in the city and a food truck present at most local events. I also just found out they do catering so if you want to support local, this is a great alternative to hiring chipotle for large groups. I had a part of 4 but it looks like they can accommodate a large party with enough notice.

Parents, depending on the time of day, this is totally kid friendly! It seems that it could be pretty loud depending on the day and crowd. I wouldn’t personally pick it for a girls night, but I’m sure a group of guys might like it. It’s definitely a good happy hour location if you work downtown.

In the end, this story should encourage you to go back to anyplace you tried once and didn’t like… and try it again! Maybe order something different (which I did) or go at a different time of day (which I also did) or a few weeks after it opens (again, which I did). I don’t know, that worked for me and this last time I had a great experience at Barrio! People love this place, and this time so did I, so I encourage you to visit let them know you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland

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