ESPN x CLE = Cold Pressed Drinks Daily!

So I’ve personally been juicing and making healthy smoothie’s on my Ninja at home for the past few years. Although very practical it wasn’t always realistic on busy mornings. My husband would actually be upset if he didn’t have a smoothie/juice in the morning to take to work lol and so I think it was him who ultimately discovered one of our favorite places.

After seeing the place open downtown on social media, my husband convinced me we had to try it. Welp, we did and we fell in love, and we’ve been loyal customers ever since. For those who don’t know, I’ve freelanced for ESPN/ABC for the past ten years. Thanks to King James, I’m able to work nationally televised games right here at home. When the television crew comes to Cleveland, I always give suggestions on places to go for fun, meals or drinks.

I believe it was the NBA finals of 2015 that I originally introduced a few people on the crew to this place. In particular, the ying to my yang, Heidi, (She’s the Ops. Assist for Game Day Operations) and my work bestfriend Harris (He’s the Associate Producer of the Game Day Production). Ever since then, the word has spread throughout the crew and every trip to Cleveland during regular season and Finals, we make multiple trips throughout the day to this place.

On this particular visit, I came with Heidi and Kelley (The Ops. Producer) for lunch on a set day for the Finals. Usually, if I’m coming here to eat, it’s  for breakfast because it’s an amazing way to start my day. Per my usual, I ordered the #2 Toast (mashed avocado, Himalayan pink salt, red pepper flakes, extra virgin olive oil, served on probiotic toast) for $6 bucks. Kelly and Heidi both had the #1 (Smashed avocado, Himalayan pink salt, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper, vine ripened tomato, served on probiotic toast) but one had turkey the other had smoked salmon. Of course they loved it!

To go along with my toast, I picked my favorite drink the #1 The Detox (Apple, Beet,  Carrot + Lemon for $9, when I don’t get this, I usually prefer the #8 The Plant Fix (Spinach, Kale,  Pear, Lemon + Ginger) for $10. Heidi and Kelley both had Immunity Drinks #3 and #4 each for $10.

I think the crew loves this place because it’s a healthy option while living life on the road. It’s also walking distance to the Arena and their hotel so, it’s very convenient while working and staying downtown. I personally love this place because whenever I need a healthy drink or lite meal, it’s the perfect solution. It’s also a super cute location, I’ve had meetings here over juice, and come here occasionally just to do some work on my laptop. It’s just such a refreshing place to sit and have a drink or drink and people watch through the glass. Whichever you prefer.

Did I mention the staff is super friendly? like everyone on staff… even the owner! Quick story, the Game Producer Tim, fell in love with this place this trip. On the afternoon of #Game 4 we walked over and grabbed juices and he ordered the Organic Acai Bowl. We left agreeing to come back before game time. Unfortunately, around 6:15pm I realized we hadn’t gone back, and it was closed. I immediately sent a Direct Message to the business on Instagram and they responded within minutes (GREAT customer service business owners take notes). Not only did they respond but they offered to stay open until I arrived. I was able to go and purchase about 8 drinks.

This place will always be a great option for me and for the ESPN crew. It’s also a great option for my husband works in the inner city (with limited healthy options) and drives downtown without hesitation whenever he wants a juice for lunch. If you are every looking for a healthy cold pressed juice, a healthy smoothie or some amazing avocado toast, I suggest you stop by Restore Cold Pressed and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland

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