Brunching With Dogs On The Cutest Patio!

So a week ago, the ladies in my family decided to go to brunch. We try to do this once a month, on a Saturday morning, and always at a different location. Someone had told me to come here awhile back because they have half off mimosas during brunch… I didn’t need much convincing after that, I shared the place with the family and  made a reservation for six.

I’m not sure if you need a reservation every time you want to go here, but it’s always safe, especially with large parties. Although we went for brunch, dinner here is also fab and it’s usually crowded. So I’ll go on record to say, I’m glad I made the reservation. I arrived a little later than our scheduled meeting time (lol as usual), so when asked, my sister selected to eat on the patio instead of inside. I was weary but it was a great decision!

I’m not one who usually likes to eat outside because I’m always worried about bugs, bees and the sun. I’d pick drinks and a patio any day, but food, usually not unless it’s later in the evening once it’s cooled off and the sun has gone down. I’m happy I went against by usual.

When you walk in this place you just immediately get a cool vibe. The glass outside the building is covered in quotes and I absolutely love quotes!  On the same glass inside there are random strings and ropes hanging from the ceiling. In order to get outside, you walk past a bench wrapped in what looks like cow-skin accompanied with orange chairs. The bar is accented with cute modern hanging lights. You walk back a little further, past the restrooms and go up a few stairs, open the door and WALAHHHH… You have entered the patio.

I actually couldn’t believe I had never been here. The patio makes you feel like you are on vacation, in another city. It was like entering a secret garden. but with tables and umbrellas within. The tables are wooden – which I loved, and the bar just super cute! This would be an awesome space to rent for a party, those were my first thoughts. I’m always entering venues/spaces trying to figure out how they can be reused. That’s just the event planner in me.

So go figure, I’m the last one to brunch, when I arrive everyone is enjoying their drinks. My sister suggested I try the peach bellini. I enjoyed it so much, it’s the only drink I had that morning, I had a total of two, for $7 each, which is not bad at all. That price would be even better on Sunday when it’s half off! That’s like a two for one deal.

So besides drinking at brunch, we also found time to eat at brunch! LOL, the reality is brunch for us is more about the drinks. I had the scrambled egg tortilla wrap which came with home fries. The home fries were a little too salty for my liking so I had them remade, and my wrap was huge. I ended up eating one half of it, which worked out perfectly because not only was I full, but the juice from the wrap dripped on my plate, making the other half too soggy to eat. All in all, it was still a good meal. Next time I’m definitely getting the bison burger. Everyone else ordered french toast, two eggs any style meal or omelettes, which they seemed to enjoy.

The one thing I noticed here, were the dogs. This place is sooo dog friendly (kid friendly too I might add). I’m almost certain besides our table andone other, everyone here brought their dog. The waiters would even bring doggy bowls for water and they would just sit with their owners at the table. This includes little small dogs, and big huge dogs, I literally saw a dog so big it had to be my size! It was like Beethoven but bigger! It didn’t bother me at all, I thought it was a little unique to see so many dogs that weren’t service animals. I would say, just make sure if your server is petting the dogs, she’s also washing her hands prior to serving you your plate.

So this place was great! Perfectly shaded for the hot sun and there weren’t any bugs around to ruin my meal!  I’ll be back again for sure. For my two bellini’s, tortilla wrap, and gratuity for my party size of 6, I only spent $33 dollars! I think that’s fairly reasonable. This place is a good for almost anything you can consider if you want to have brunch. After church with the family, or a girls gathering like ours. I have to bring my husband so this will be a date for us, and possibly my parents which will just be nice for them to see what’s on the other side of town. If you like dogs even better, if you are scared of dogs just sit inside. It’s definitely worth a try. So if you’re ever on Detroit Road, stop by LUXE Kitchen and Bar and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland

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