Father’s Day: To the Basement… (Part 2)

So after we enjoyed Porchfest in our Part 1 of Father’s Day, I thought we would enjoy a few new places in the Flats. Well, after making the mistake of sharing that information with my husband, he didn’t want to go downtown but instead wanted to stay on the east side. At this point it was about 9:30pm, and I had to think fast of some cool places for dates in the area.

I decided to go to a cute little wine bar. We had never been there as a couple, and I actually hadn’t been there in a few years but the last time was with a few girlfriends. Not too long ago someone had asked me about it in on social media, it was in my mental log to go back soon. It was actually the perfect scene for us to spend some one on one time together, enjoy some wine (our favorite) and not worry about loud noise. After parking and walking to the entrance, my husband was convinced this wine bar did not exist. He said not only had he never heard about it, but he had never seen it on this busy street. It think this is why it’s one of Cleveland Heights best kept secrets, you can walk by the door every day and never think to go in and enter the basement.

Bryon and I walked in the basement and opened one door and wahla, entered a secret wine cave. There were a few people inside, but more than enough empty tables if we wanted to sit on the side closes to the entrance. We decided to join two couples who were seated at the bar. The seats were spread out enough that we were still able to be in our own world. There were also a few small groups of friends spread out around the perimeter of the room.

The bar is heavily lit with red light bulbs and candles which creates a nice ambiance for the room. It’s not fancy at all, but it’s cute and cozy, and just a super chill room to hang out. It makes me feel really mellow and calm just sitting in the dim lights. We literally sat and talked for hours. We even made friends with the bartender, Meghan. She introduced us to a drink called the old fashion, and although it literally took 20 minutes to make- it was so good! My husband drinks whiskey so he loved it. I stuck with my usual, a glass of red wine. I was introduced to a Pinot Noir from Oregon which came highly recommended and I enjoyed that as well.

This place was perfect. We were able to hangout and have a good conversation without screaming over noise or music, we enjoyed experimenting with different drinks. The bartender gave us great service, and recommendations and we just really had a good time. It doesn’t take much to please us to be honest, but good service means a lot. This place was also close to home and we didn’t have to bother going home and change our clothes, we were comfortable in jeans. I even had on flats and didn’t feel out of place.

I know we will definitely come back to this place. I’d even consider coming here for a double date or a girls night. If you’re ever in the Coventry area, you should definitely give La Cave Du Vin a try, and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland.


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