Cleveland’s Premier Barber for Bryce’s First Haircut!

So Bryce turned 3 and the only thing I planned to do was get his haircut! It’s been a long three years of long curly hair but it eventually turned to locs and we thought it was best to cut it off and start over. I was originally torn because it had become his signature look and more of our family was against it than for… but we ultimately made the decision that on his third birthday we were doing the big chop!

So I’ve never really had to worry about haircuts because it’s never been my responsibility. It’s one less thing for me to worry about so I let that be a “dad thing”. When I’ve had to coordinate, I literally only call one person. In this situation I had to beg my husband to let me take care of Bryce’s first haircut because for a mom, it’s more than the cut, it’s the experience! I needed it to be someone I was comfortable with and someone I knew was going to let my 3 year old be a 3 year old. I also didn’t want him to leave bald or have his hair line pushed back and look 40. I needed a barber who would work for not just for mommy but Bryce as well. It’s also hard finding a barber that’s willing to cut a kids hair, it’s just not a patience that everyone has. Lucky for me, this barber told me to bring him at 3 and my plan was to cut it at 3, so it worked out!

First let me say I was late.. (what’s new right lol) but I was coming from work and didn’t make it to the appointment on time. Of course our busy barber needed to stay on schedule so my husband Bryon FaceTimed me so that I wouldn’t miss anything. I pulled up still on the phone and parked across the street. I barely watched for cars before crossing the street and ran in the front entrance. You enter and there’s a blue wall with a lit logo with the name of the shop, it’s the perfect backdrop for photos. On the left are about 8 barber chairs, across from them on a small stage is a seating area for those waiting to be serviced. There’s a flat screen playing ESPN and a few posters hanging with various haircuts for men and young boys. I briefly scanned the kids cuts and kept walking. A little further on the right, behind a small glass wall and  in the middle of the shop, was my baby boy getting his first hair cut! I was upset daddy didn’t think to get the before picture in the chair, and by the time I arrived most significant chop had been made. My husband then handed me a plastic bag full of his curls for me to keep. My heart dropped. The cut was not finished but my little baby Bryce, was already starting to look like a big boy. I wasn’t ready!

I was truly surprised that he did soooo well. Unlike his older brother Pauly who cried his first hair cut, Bryce was sitting still in his dads lap, laughing and talking. He wasn’t scared, but he was a little tired. He had his “green person” and that’s all he needed to stay calm. Our barber had nothing but patience which put me at ease. He talked to him, made a few jokes and made sure he was comfortable the entire time. When needed he asked our input on the cut. Midway through, Bryce needed to use the restroom and we took a quick break. When he came back he literally fell asleep in his dads arms. We breezed through the rest because all my husband had to do was turn his head. When he was done, Bryce looked like the coolest kid on the playground! Needless to say, our first haircut experience was great!

If you’re looking for a barber in Cleveland this barber comes highly recommended. Let me be clear that this person is busy… and I mean extremely busy so my last minute calls and text are usually met with a “Courtney… you know better” and laughter.  He will try his to squeeze me in when he can, but when he can’t, I don’t complain because I respect his schedule and it shows he respects his clients. An appointment is required for booking, so I suggest anyone interested call ahead. He’s one of the best barbers in Cleveland and has also cut hair for celebrities like Dwayne Wade, Fabolous, Ray J and more! Oh… did I mention he’s a family guy? He has a beautiful wife and two amazing children. He’s not only a barber, he is also the proud owner of Premier Barber Lounge which has been in business for 5 successful years. So… if want to look cool like Bryce, and get your hair cut by one of the best barbers in the city,  I suggest you call everyones favorite barber Tone! His shop is located off Noble Road in Cleveland Heights. To check out his work or to follow him on instagram click here!


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    He really is the best barber in the city; I frequent him once a week!

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