The CLE Company Behind My Custom Army Jacket!

So I received soooo many messages about my custom Army jacket that I decided to do a post! I mean I was going to do a post anyway because not only is this my favorite new item to wear, I really like this vintage Cleveland company!

Awhile back I read a very interesting article on about a woman who started a vintage clothing store after working in a crematory for 10 years. I remember it being an amazing story because at one point she explained how she was over qualified for the job. She went on to say how she had already started working on her business and had received her Master’s Degree three years prior. When she went to rebuild her work wardrobe, she didn’t have any money and had to shop at a thrift store. Little did she know that would birth her passion! She said that she was embarrassed at the time but now 80 percent of her clothing is thrifted and she barely ever purchases new pieces- only the basics. It was a great article and made me like her without knowing her! I looked at some of her pictures online and said I should one day cover her on the blog (see how life works!).

I never reached out, I looked at her page and said one day I’ll go there. A little later down the road I was in the beauty shop and my stylist was planning an awards show. She mentioned me she was waiting for someone to come up that was styling the models for the awards show. Lo and behold, it was her… Tyra Sledge!

We talked and agreed to meet one day for me to see the show room and clothing. Tyra is big on sequins and prints so I knew I could find some great pieces. I remember arriving the first time to the address thinking, I must be in the wrong place. I called Tyra and she said nope you’re here! She had created her own space inside of Cube Smart, in a local storage unit. I thought to myself this is so smart and unique, just like Tyra! I went in and she literally had racks of clothing everywhere! I was overwhelmed and literally didn’t know where to start. I decided to tell her the look I wanted for an upcoming date with my husband for Sweetest Day and she pulled a few items for me. We agreed that a sequins top would be perfect! I actually ended up finding two items that I loved. One was a shirt and one is my new fancy favorite jacket. I wore the shirt on my date night which you’ve seen on IG and wore the jacket to the Cavs game (pretty sure it’s the reason I made the jumbotron) and comedy show as seen in my David Arnold Article. They were such great quality and only I spent $25 on the shirt and $40 on the jacket. There are the perfect items to dress up or dress down!

As I was leaving I saw an army jacket and literally fell in love! I had seen one before on her instagram page which prompted me to say I wanted one without action, but seeing it in person I was like oh this is a must have. I asked her how quickly she would be getting more in and if I had the ability to customize it. She said yeah, I can totally do that. I was literally so excited! She also offered to place patches on the arm sleeves and a few pins on the front. It turned out amazing! I literally added my own personal “Cleveland Foodie” pin which was a gift from my dear friend Heidi and froma local pin shop Laura Heur Designs. My hope is to have it all be Cleveland pins in the near future! Anywho… the coat came out fantastic and I wore it on the news #COURTNEYCOVERSCLEVELAND ON CHANNEL 19’S SUNNY SIDE UP!! It’s literally my go to no matter what I have one. After wearing it on the news and it seems like everyone else fell in love with it to! These custom jackets start at $55 and it’s a great way to promote yourself and still be cute!

So if you love vintage pieces or are looking to get your own customized army jacket, I suggest you check out 6th Street Vintage and tell Tyra you learned about her and her unique vintage clothing store on #CourtneyCoversCleveland I’ll definitely be supporting this Cleveland business more in the future! Make sure you scroll through the pictures above to see some of her items!

Read the article mentioned above about Tyra out on HERE!



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