Courtney and Codi’s Secret Garden Baby Shower!

So this past weekend, I had the most amazing baby shower ever! No… like seriously, it was perfect in every single way! The theme, the location, the decor, the people… literally everything! The best part about it??? I didn’t have to do anything but show up (well… kinda sorta I did have one job). Let me start this article by first thanking my husband Bryon, sister Camille and my friends KY, Dom and Allie all for helping with a shower after I said I didn’t want one. It exceeded all my expectations and it was just absolutely the cutest thing ever! I walked in and I almost started balling, half emotions, half hormones, half just simply in awe that everything looked so amazing.

**FYI there are A LOT of pictures on this page, if you read the entire article they will all load before you get to the section where the pictures are placed. If you’re just looking to see pictures just be patient***

So oddly enough, I had started to plan a shower as soon as I found out I was having a girl. I had found a venue, reached out to my decor person, came up with a theme and picked invitations. I had done almost everything but pay and set a date. It became overwhelming and I was over budget with my lavish ideas( LOL go figure) so I just decided to say forget it and told everyone I was not having a shower and that was final. That’s when my husband took matters into his own hands, and initiated the planning of this surprise shower supported by my family and friends.

I really had no idea it was in the works, then one day Bryon said “I didn’t want to say anything but we think it’s important that you invite everyone you want to be there sooo… you’re having a surprise shower and you’re only job is to do the invitations and pick out the menu” I was like awwww yeah I can do that! I eventually found out more details. Like the location, although unaware of which room, and of course that the same person I had previously reached out to Jamie (who literally does all my decorations and candy tables when I have events) was already a part of the plan. This made me feel really good! Not only because my friends and husband know me very well, but also because Jamie and I had already discussed my secret garden theme and shared ideas. I felt very comfortable being told not to worry they had it figured out.

So as I stated I had previously picked out an invitation on Etsy, and planned on using that same design. I also found a matching welcome sign I ordered both and had the PDF files within 48 hours. While I try to support local, I didn’t have time to research a local company that could get this done in such a short period of time. If you know someone send me their information for future events. I also honestly LOVE Etsy and know I can find any design I’m looking for and have it back quick! So I ordered the invitations and had the pdf of the welcome sign and image sent to FedEx Kinko’s to print. I found brown bag paper envelopes on Amazon and did the address printing at home. I even found cute flower stamps at the local post office.

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Next on my list of things to do came the menu selection. I started with a full dinner menu, but then changed for budgetary reasons AND considering it was a Sunday afternoon at 4pm,  in between lunch and dinner times. We went with heavy appetizers and I think it was the best decision ever. Per the venue’s catering menu half the options were priced by the dozen the other half were priced per person. I went with seasonal fruits, Antipasto ( which included Grilled Vegetables, Fresh Mozzarella, and Marinated Olives) Chicken Skewers with Warm Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce, Hot artichoke and Spinach Dip with Parmesan Crisps, Crispy Mini Crab Cakes, Mini Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Burgers and Mini Chicken Paillard Sandwiches.  On the day of, we never ran out of food which is always my biggest fear.

So my jobs were done and all I had to do was order a dress and wait for Sunday to arrive. I ordered a few options fitting my theme and luckily one worked out perfect and I shipped the others back! I made a makeup appointment with my friend KB at Bangs Salon (my go to for a good face beat ladies) and also had hair arranged per my talented hairstylist Rickea at the same salon. Of course my glam squad did an amazing job and made me look absolutely beautiful. I was officially ready and eagerly awaiting the shower!

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So the day of, I arrived to the venue super excited and relaxed! I had been to this venue with my husband before on date nights and in the summer for mid-day lunches or simply glasses of wine on the patio. We have actually held family dinners here as well. The food is good and they are able to accomodate large parties. Not only that, it’s also kid friendly which works well for my family.  I didn’t know which room the event was being held so I couldn’t visualize the layout or anything, I had to wait til I walked in the door to see how everything turned out.

I was greeted at the front door by the manager Otis who then escorted me to our private room. I don’t know why, but I remember approaching the double doors as if I was entering my wedding reception, just thinking OMG how beautiful is this going to look. He opened the door and I literally wanted to cry. The room was well lit with natural light from the floor to ceilings on the entire backside of the room, on the other side was the patio which was closed due to the weather and construction. Per my request there were flowers everywhere! Not just any kind of flowers but real live flowers as the centerpiece accompanied with table signs that read my daughters name, Codi Lynn. I had requested all guest wear shades of pink so seeing the room full of pink and with the flowers made my heart melt. It was literally everything I asked for!

The room was set for 70 so there were tables scattered with white linens, a few high tops were placed in the back, and there was additional seating around the bar area which was immediately to the right once you entered the room. To the left was a glass table that read BABY that held the gifts and gift cards.

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Front and center of the room were my two favorite things… the candy table and the beautiful hedge wall that read Codi! As I previously stated, I go to Jamie for everything! She is just simply amazing at what she does and always brings my vision to life. She created the beautiful hedge wall and did all the decor, from the centerpieces to the table signs, to the amazing dessert table! She is always worth every penny and brings so much creativity and personalization to your event. The first picture below is to show the placement in the room, the picture was taken  before the table was full of desserts. The other pictures show the Codi Lynn personalized butter cookies and Rice Crispy treats, the two red velvet chocolate rose cakes, assorted pink and gold candy, both chocolate and red velvet cupcakes, gold and pink shimmer strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels and oreos, and my absolute favorite thing she provides… banana pudding push pops and shooters!

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Everything from start to finish was amazing! The room was beautiful and just so fitting for my secret garden theme. I literally filled the entire space with my guests. For that reason, it was easier to play the table paper games than it was to try to get people to move around and guess the baby food or find out what was in the dirty diaper at the bar. That was totally okay because it seemed like everyone was having a good time and there was never a dull moment.

I’d like to say kudos to the manager and staff at the Cedar Creek Grille in Beachwood, the service was impeccable! I mean they seriously accommodated us to the fullest in every which way! They kept the food hot and replenished, they were pleasant, there were no ridiculously long lines at the bar, if something dropped they picked it up in seconds, it was just top notch service. I felt bad, we had to ask them to turn the music up then back off, about a million times and but never complained. They were all nice and always smiling, they really provided a warm welcome to not only me but my guests as well. My event was held on the Terrace and the minimum requirement for that room was to spend $1,000 which we more than exceeded in food alone.

My shower would not have been the same without the people who helped to make it a success! First and foremost, I have to thank Jamie from Jamie Powell Events for her services including the hedge wall, all the decor and my dessert table. I’d like to thank Ceremonia Glam on Etsy for the invitations and welcome sign, my dress was purchased at PinkBlush Maternity and my glam squad as previously mentioned makeup by KB and hair installed and curled by Rickea from Bangs Salon. My hair was provided by Power Hair Collection. Thanks also to Ryan Harris my amazing photographer, from RH Imagery for capturing all these beautiful pictures of this special day. We paid for everything so nothing mentioned above was sponsored or given for free. I encourage you to support all their businesses!!!

Please enjoy the slideshow below…

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OHHHh and one more thing… I have to acknowledge how thankful I am for my friend KY because she knows me so well. She is probably just as particular as me if not MORE and she came to town a day earlier and really pulled things together. She wouldn’t let me worry about anything (No.. seriously, like not one thing) and on the day of, when I’m usually running wild, I didn’t have anything to do but show up. I was able to get my kids dressed, and hangout at home until it was time to leave. Do you know how calming that is? I knew she had things handled, and that was a big sigh of relief. I also knew that she and my sister would be early to ensure everything was set up and done to my liking. I would totally do the same for either of them so I’m greatly appreciative for all their hard work in making my day so special. Thanks ladies I love you both much!

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    Everything was beautiful! Come on now Codi!

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    Such a beautiful theme. Everything was perfect !

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    Everything was so gorgeous!!! Congratulations💕💕💕

  • Dominique Laster

    Your shower was beautiful, you are blessed with amazing friends and family. The shades of pink was so cute and came together well with the flower garden theme.

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