My Favorite Place To Go Already… This Summer!

So this place is simply amazing and YES you read it correctly, it’s already my favorite place for the summer! Not just because I watched my friend birth this vision, but because the cookies and ice cream are literally to die for and the new space is in the perfect location downtown. So without further ado, I’m proud to announce that my friend Catheryn, just opened in her new location and of course #CourtneyCoversCleveland had to stop by!

First let me say, I’m going to be so spoiled! The new location is literally walking distance to my office. If it wasn’t for this gestational diabetes I would literally probably be there everyday from now until I deliver! I absolutely love ice cream, I love cookies and I love the fact that she now has iced coffee! Those are three different reasons to come by throughout the day. Start the morning with coffee, come back and have a cookie with your lunch and enjoy an afternoon or evening ice cream cone. See, I literally have it all planned out! So as soon as I have this baby, and am no longer on a restricted diet, I will consistently be taking my talents here!

What I love most is that you can see the space from Euclid and East 4th. It’s nothing but glass so you can see right through to a nice clean shop with white tables and chairs. You enter into the Hyatt Arcade and Waaaalaaaaa…. on the right, with no doors to open… the space is right there! Your first thought is OMG I have to take a picture in front of the sign on the wall that reads “I Love Cathy’s Like Kanye Loves Kanye” then you gaze to the right to see a few high tops and a long booth with 4 tables to share.

So this place is known for it’s gourmet ice cream sandwiches.Their freshly baked cookies and ice cream are always made from all natural ingredients, so no preservatives, and no artificial flavors. The milkshakes are made from organic whole milk and the cookies.. it’s ALL about the cookies! They serve all natural cookies from 100% real ingredients and are a family recipe made from scratch in the store.

So a customer would walk in, pick from an assortment of cookies, choose their ice cream and then choose from a variety of toppings. It’s they cutest concept! They are so filling and so necessary on a hot day in Cleveland.

At this point in time, my favorite thing to order is the Vegan Ice Cream. It’s hands down the BEST vegan ice cream I have ever had, and I pair that with one snickerdoodle cookie to keep my glucose levels low. After the baby, I will most certainly turn this favorite into an ice cream sandwich. I also had luck ordering a pint of the Carrot Cake ice cream to take home. YES that’s an option!!! Both my husband and dad love Carrot Cake so once I knew it was a flavor, I bought it for both of them to try at home and they loved it! Did I mention everything was so reasonably priced? I ordered everything a la cart so for my one scoop of ice cream ($3.75) and one cookie ($1.25) I spent $5! For my pint of ice cream $6!

A few cool things that you may not know about this place, during the week they offer happy hour deals! Meaning if you come back between 2-4pm, it’s half off single scoop ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. This place also offers catering, either on site or preassembled but both options come at an extremely reasonable price. I’m already trying to figure how I can use this company either for a work event, one of the kids events in the summer or a family gathering! One thing for certain, I know from corporate events to private events Cathy’s is going to provide excellent service to make the experience one of a kind.

So if you’re ever walking the streets of Euclid, as many people do both during the week and at night, (especially now that the Indians are playing and the Cavs are in the playoffs) stop by East 4th, walk into Cathy’s Creamery and tell them you read about them on #CourtneyCoversCleveland They are open daily from 11am- 11pm so you don’t have any excuses!





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  • Krystal

    Thank you for sharing!! I had no idea that there was a black owned ice cream shop downtown. I’ll be sure to visit soon.

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