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If there’s anything I don’t play about… it’s my teeth! Personal hygiene, especially when it comes to my smile, is a top priority. Getting my teeth cleaned regularly, along with my kids is a must. I honestly don’t think people know how much the health of your teeth affects the health of your entire body. 

See, that’s what I learned from Dr. Mikhli at Beachwood Dental. 

Not only did I learn that but I learned that we may THINK we are doing everything right, flossing and brushing daily- but that’s not enough. I had missed an appointment or two prior to COVID and was absolutely amazed to find out I needed a deep clean. Luckily Dr. Mikhli caught it and we took care of it right away. MEMO to you to stay on top of your dental appointments!

Anywho, for the longest time, I’ve been wanting to improve my smile. I grew up sucking my thumb and always had a slight overbite and always wanted this to be corrected. Little did I know that wasn’t really the issue that needed to be corrected and that I had dental crowding. This means rather than grow into their correct positions, when the teeth do not have enough room, they will grow in unnatural positions, trying to find a space to grow in competition with other teeth. This can lead to crooked, crowded teeth that don’t line up properly.

I thought the solution to this was to get new teeth! Yep… that’s what I thought. However, this was another lesson I learned from Dr. Mikhli, which was oftentimes we think we know the problem and the solution but we don’t. Come to find out I was the perfect candidate for Invisalign. So… I got Invisalign!

The process started with a consultation. Then Dr. Mikhili set up a treatment plan and created my unique aligners, designed through Beachwood Dental’s expertise and 3D computer imaging. Each set of the Invisalign aligners will be worn for about two weeks, removed only when eating, drinking, brushing, or flossing. As I progress through each aligner in the series, I will notice that your teeth will begin moving, little by little, until they have reached the intended alignment prescribed by the Beachwood Dental team of professionals.

The total treatment process lasts an average of 9-15 months depending on the individual alignment requirements of each patient. To make sure that my Invisalign treatment is working as planned, I will visit the office once every 6 weeks to check progress. So far, the first week was the biggest challenge just getting used to having them in my mouth. By the time I put in my second tray I was used to the feeling and didn’t experience any pain. It’s also a little weird to talk but I’m getting used to that as well. Ultimately, I’m excited to see my new teeth!

I love Beachwood Dental! They have made this experience so pleasant. Dr. Mikhli is simply amazing and just seems so much more than my dentist. He’s extremely friendly and just full of knowledge. He can answer any of my questions and is available even when we aren’t together in the office. I prefer these types of relationships with my doctors, those that extend beyond the requirements of the job. Not to mention his staff is also truly amazing, they are both welcoming and friendly. I feel like I’m walking in and greeting my friends each visit. Their new office is also just so fresh and clean with the best technology. I know I’m in great hands every time I walk in the door. 

If you’re looking for a new dentist that’s going to take great care of you, your family and your teeth look no further!  Check out Beachwood Dental and tell them Courtney Covers Cleveland sent you! Stay tuned as I update this article with my Invisalign progress. 


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