Kafela: A Cute Coffee Shop in the HEART of CLE


I spent an entire day at this super cute, black owned coffee shop right in the heart of Cleveland – with LA Vibes!

First of all, let me acknowledge that a black woman successfully opened this coffee shop last July in the middle of a pandemic! Not only do they have great coffee, and offer smoothies but they have a FULL MENU and the food is BOMB! I mean so BOMB.. that in my one visit, I had two meals. I started my first meeting with breakfast having shrimp and grits, then moved my second meeting there and ended that with the Buffalo chicken wrap for lunch! I even took home the Salmon Santa Monica Sandwich for my husband.

OHHH and there’s an entire private backyard where they host yoga and Zumba during the day, and movies on a 100 foot screen at night. What’s also cool is that it’s not just a coffee shop, it’s also a Smoke Shop and Hookah Shop!

Growing up I always wondered why there were no coffee shops in the heart of the inner city, I’m so happy that this place exist!

This #CourtneyCoversClevelandQuickie encourages you to please please pleaseeeee support Kafela (Instagram@thekafela )it’s great! I

enjoyed working here (WIFI included) and eating and hanging out.

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  • Kate

    Oh, this looks & sounds awesome! I haven’t been yet, but I’ll have to check it out.

  • George

    It’s wonderful to hear about a black-owned business thriving in the midst of a pandemic and offering a unique experience for its customers. The fact that this cute coffee shop not only serves great coffee but also has a full menu and hosts events like yoga, Zumba, and movies on a large screen is impressive. It’s great to see businesses like this contributing to the community and providing a space for people to come together and enjoy good food and company.

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